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Have you thought while planning a tourist trip in Russia and

Have you thought while planning a tourist trip in Russia and 



Have you thought while planning a tourist trip in Russia and decided to travel in Moscow to give you the opportunity to enjoy a picnic in one of Moscow’s parks? Of course, you have to do this. There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying vast green spaces, clearing your mind and mind of any negative thoughts and starting a new activity, as Moscow does not contain only Moscow amusement parks in which you and your family practice the recreational activity or Moscow shopping malls, but there are distinguished landmarks. Others you can visit in Moscow.



The best gardens in Moscow
In Moscow you will find many distinct and picturesque parks that have been developed over time, and each park has different characteristics that make it unique.

Victory Park

Victory Park is located in the southwest of Moscow, and it represents one of Moscow’s historical parks, as it is a garden and a museum at the same time. In the park, you will find the Victory Memorial, which stands tall and attracts your attention when you enter the park, which has a large area that needs plenty of time to wander.

Therefore, we advise you to go to Victory Park when you visit Moscow to contemplate the history of that country and enjoy a tour of one of Moscow’s distinguished open museums located in the park and enjoy a tour among nature with stunning views. If you are lucky to visit the park on May 9, you will find a wonderful festive atmosphere throughout the park.



If you want to reach Victory Park via Google Maps, click here.

Gorkiy Park

Gorky Park is the most famous park in Moscow, which was established for relaxation and cultural and sports activities. When you arrive, the park will love it as all Muscovites and visitors love it. It is an ideal place to take a wonderful picnic and practice sports such as bowling. Do not miss attending various cultural events and seminars held there such as an open movie theater And if you feel tired, you can sit in a café and drink some refreshing drinks with delicious desserts.

Among the many birds located there, you can enjoy seeing the distinctive features of the park or feeding some squirrels. Do not forget to visit the museums attached to the park, where you will have a great time and rent a boat for an interesting sea picnic or you can get a bike or scooter to wander around the park and if you visit it in the winter you will find it Winter ice rink.
If you want to get to Gorky Park via Google Maps, click here.



Sokolniki Park

If you want to go on a nature tour amid the scenic views, Sokolniki Park is one of Moscow’s gardens, which provides walking paths around the park for a distinctive picnic and watching rare plants and wonderful flowers, as well as seeing different types of animals. It is an integrated park.

Sea lovers can enjoy a picnic in a boat, and do not miss riding a bike and roaming around the park. In winter, skiing is a great sport that you can practice in Sokolniki Park. Sokolniki Park is a center with various cultural events throughout the year. In addition, inside the park there is a husky center And if you have children, they can visit rare animals and birds and spend time in adventure games in children’s playgrounds.
If you want to get to Sokolniki Park via Google Maps, click here.

Alexander Garden

Alexander Garden is one of Moscow’s public gardens and it is located along the western wall of the Kremlin. The garden is filled with different types of wonderful, rare and distinctive flowers, where you find that Alexander Garden is the most wonderful and favorite place for tourists to win a special picnic amidst the views of nature and the cheerful colors of flowers with the pleasure of listening to the sound of purring water Flowing river and large fountain water you will find.



This garden is distinguished and gives you a sense of calm and psychological serenity. It is also characterized by the fact that the garden includes lawns and a number of memorials, such as the monument to (Georgy Zhukov). Therefore, you find this park a tourist attraction for Moscow and has a large audience that prefers it and comes to it at all times, whether in winter or summer.