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Moscow is the capital of Great Russia or its Russian Empire

Moscow is the capital of Great Russia or its Russian Empire

Luster and attractiveness are very different from all cities, as they are filled with tourist attractions and you can visit them at any time of the year. Everyone comes to them for tourism and do many



activities, including shopping inside Moscow malls and markets, and the delicious charm that attracts visitors to it. Each mall has a story and a different form from the other. A tall mall like a beautiful masterpiece that boggles minds with its architectural beauty, as well as the shops, restaurants and entertainment you find inside the mall that makes you dedicate a whole day to enjoy the mall and what is in it.

The best malls in Moscow
Moscow has a very large number of malls and shopping centers, so it is a must to visit when tourism in Moscow because of its importance for your trip, especially if you are taking your family with you.


Aviapark Mall

With an area so large that more than the area of ​​36 football fields combined, Aviapark Mall stands tall as the largest shopping mall in all of Europe and the most important mall in Moscow, with more than 500 diverse stores, 80 restaurants and cafes, as well as entertainment areas.

Aviapark Mall is famous among Moscow malls for its attractive architectural design from the outside and brilliant from the inside, especially the high glass ceiling and the indoor aquarium with high glass columns up to 24 meters and filled with many diverse fish that amaze visitors.



If you want to reach Aviapark Mall via Google Maps, click here.

GUM Mall

You have a chance to see a luxurious and dazzling architectural design when you go to the GUM Mall, as it is one of the oldest malls in Moscow and the most famous architectural landmark in Moscow. It was built at the end of the nineteenth century, so you will feel that you went to the recent past when you visit the mall and you will find that the shops inside have the same decoration.


The mall is located opposite the Red Square from the eastern side and consists of three floors and each floor is divided into parts and is linked by bridges. (Zara) There are also restaurants and cafes with great views of Red Square, and don’t forget the entertainment areas.