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Hurghada is one of the most famous tourist cities in Egypt

Hurghada is one of the most famous tourist cities in Egypt

It is famous for being a coastal tourist destination that is very popular with tourists on an ongoing basis and throughout the year, so its visitors are sure to try the cafes and restaurants in the city, to spend some time and eat the most delicious food and drinks, and



through this article we will reveal to you all the details about The most famous and best Hurghada cafes that we recommend to you to try while you are in Hurghada…

Hurghada’s best cafes
If you intend to travel and tourism in Hurghada, or even intend to visit it for business, you will definitely need to know the best cafes in the city, to spend quality time with family or friends and try the most delicious drinks and the most delicious Egyptian dishes. Here is your guide to 9 of the best Hurghada cafes that we advise you to try…


Costa Coffee Hurghada

Costa Coffee is one of the most famous cafes in Hurghada, with its branches in many Arab countries, due to the distinguished service it provides to customers. Costa Café is characterized by its inclusion of a team of high speed and professionalism in dealing with customers.

Costa Coffee varies in its choice of its own menu, as we find it includes a large and distinguished range of hot drinks, especially coffee, in various foods, as well as cold drinks, as well as cold drinks. Cafe at the highest level and prices are suitable for everyone.


Grand Cafe
Grand Cafe Hurghada

The Grand Café is one of the most beautiful Hurghada cafés, as it is distinguished by its privileged location as it is located near one of the famous hotels in Hurghada. Simple, unpretentious and exaggerated.

The café offers a variety of delicious and delicious authentic Egyptian food, where you can eat the most delicious


breakfast consisting of the famous Egyptian beans, a group of cheese, cream and tahini, in addition to some fast food and Egyptian sandwiches such as Hawawshi, as well as ice cream and some popular sweet dishes. Tourists come here to enjoy the simple Egyptian atmosphere.