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Istanbul’s best markets

Istanbul’s best markets

Istanbul Markets: A comprehensive guide to the best markets in Istanbul




Istanbul is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, which has become so popular that it has become the most important destination preferred by many tourists all over the world. Istanbul has all the things of interest, as it combines modern life with historical life, this diverse city that suits all tastes and budgets .

Starting with accommodation, entertainment venues, restaurants and markets, Istanbul is famous for having a group of the best markets, which number up to two hundred markets distributed throughout the city.

These markets offer a great range of different goods at the cheapest prices from clothes, copper products, vegetables, fruits, textiles, handicrafts, works and leather products such as shoes, bags, leather clothes and others, in addition to the presence of many shops and malls, so today we will talk about the 8 best markets in Istanbul for clothes

The garment industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, and that is why the wholesale clothing market in Istanbul is one of the most important markets in the world. Millions of dollars are purchased daily, due to the quality of the clothes in the industry, great tastes that suit everyone, and cheap prices compared to the prices of European goods.



The Egyptian Market in Istanbul Mısır Çarşısı
Egyptian market

The market is located in the Eminonu district of Istanbul in the European section, and the main entrance is located facing the new mosque. You can go to the Egyptian market in Istanbul by using the tram and heading to Eminonu station. It is considered the second largest traditional market in the city, close to the Grand Bazaar. This market was built in 1597 AD, and it is one of the oldest popular cheap markets in Istanbul. It includes many shops selling spices, spices, natural herbs, and sweet shops.

The Egyptian market carries Istanbul under several names, the most famous of which is the Spice Market or the Attarin Market because it is the most famous commodity in the market throughout its history, which has always been reached from different countries of the world across the sea from Egypt, and the market is considered one of Istanbul’s famous bazaars and one of the best places in Istanbul that attracts locals And tourists alike.

The market contains many shops, approximately 140 shops, varying between dairy shops, nuts, spices and herbs, and many others. There are about six entrances to the Egyptian market, and the main entrance to the market is in front of the new mosque. The market also includes the most delicious oriental and western sweets shops, where you can enjoy their good taste. And gift and accessories stores that design the mixture of modern Turkish culture and ancient Ottoman culture, there are pots that are decorated with the best drawings and Ottoman culture.





marter market

The Marter Market is one of the best markets in Istanbul for clothes, where you can get everything you want. It includes huge numbers of shops, and commercial centers that include more than two thousand showrooms, which have a lot to satisfy all tastes, and everything that the clothing industry in Turkey produces.

Marter Market is one of the best clothing markets for Arabs, where many people frequent it to buy goods at cheap prices for trade, and there are also many customs clearance and shipping companies in the market that enable traders to finish their work easily.

The market is also famous for Turkish veiled clothing, children’s clothing, and men’s clothing, but you must search well to get what you want with high quality, and at a reasonable price.




Ortakuri Market/ Open Market Sani Grand Bazaar

Ortakuri Market

Its name means the sunny ground market, and it is one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, which is located near the Ortakoy pier, and the Great Mosque of Majidiye, which is located to the north of them. This popular market is suitable for buying souvenirs. Close to this historic market, the hammam, the Radisson Hotel, and many other places to go on foot, as well as take a stroll on the beach after completing the purchase.



Fatih Market
Al-Fateh Market

Al-Fateh Market, or as they call it, the veiled market, is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul, which smells of the past and ancient history. The market opens its doors daily for visitors from five in the morning until eight in the evening.

It contains all the goods that a tourist or visitor from anywhere in the world might think of. In it, you will find everything from clothes and small goods to large household items. The Al-Fateh market has been called the veiled market because it provides elegant veiled clothes in different and attractive colors, with a Shops for veiled girls’ clothes.

Not only that, but this market contains all other supplies at unparalleled popular prices, such as shoes, bags, and clothes for children and men.


The Al-Fateh market is located at the back of the famous Al-Fateh Mosque, in the Al-Fateh neighborhood in an area called the Al-Fateh Wishes Station. When you go there, you will find a very large market that contains a large group of shops, each of which specializes in selling some kind of clothes or indispensable supplies at prices Very cheap when compared to the prices of products in other shops.



Istiklal Street Market in Istanbul

Istiklal Street Market

Istiklal Street is rich in Arabization for you, an Arab tourist. There are many clothing stores in this street, in addition to famous Turkish brands. Istiklal Street is located in the Beyoglu district and starts from the famous Taksim Square, as it is the largest and oldest shopping street in Istanbul

The market includes large numbers of shops on its sides that sell Turkish and international clothing brands. These shops open their doors until late hours of the night, and thousands of Turks and tourists go to it daily for walking and shopping, what is wrong with Istiklal Street is very crowded and high prices in it compared to the rest of the markets Because it is a major tourist destination in Istanbul.



Arasta Bazaar

The market is located on the northern side of Torun Street directly behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, that is, the Sultanahmet area. Tourists come to visit it from various places. It is considered one of the largest Turkish markets for handicrafts, which contains many famous tourist places.


In addition to the monuments, some historical mosques, museums, markets, restaurants and gardens, it includes more than 70 shops, and it was in the Ottoman era dedicated to selling supplies for soldiers, but now it has handicrafts such as antiques, drawings and maps

The market is a narrow alley filled with beautiful shops selling things like traditional gift rugs, rugs and tourist items for souvenirs. Working hours: All shops are open from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm and some shops are open on Sunday. The market can be reached by public transport by bus or tram and get off at Sultanahmet station or train and get off at Cankurtaran station.



Al-Nahhasin Market (Beyazıt Grand Bazaar

Coppersmiths Market

It is located in the Beyazit district, between the Laleli district and the Sultanahmet district, and it is one of the cheap markets in Istanbul that tourists want to obtain copper industries. This market specializes in selling household copper tools and handicrafts. The market attracts visitors from different countries of the world, because it is located in a vital area, even in the cold Winter is not without movement in the market, with Istanbul receiving visitors and tourists in all seasons of the year.

The market contains wonderful shops for gold and silver crafts and leather shops, and in its narrow corridors there are cheap shops for women, men and children, and it is recommended to visit it from 8 am to 7 pm, except for Sundays and holidays. It is closed



Ottomania Rug Gallery

Ottoman rug exhibition

This exhibition is located in Sultanahmet, at a distance to the southeast of the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul. It operates from eight in the morning until eight in the evening seven days a week. It is considered one of the best places to buy an old-fashioned Ottoman rug, and the price ranges from a thousand dollars to more than Ten thousand dollars.



Before leaving, you must obtain a receipt for the purchase, and ask whether these carpets require customs when exiting from Turkey, or proof of the date of their manufacture so that they are not believed to be antique carpets that are smuggled outside the country.

This market is one of the popular markets in Istanbul, whose content is different from other markets and bazaars, as the markets specialized in selling carpets are only few.



Friday Market in Istanbul Cuma Pazarı

Friday market

Friday Bazaar – cuma pazari It is located in the Fendak Zada ​​area of ​​Al-Fateh, directly opposite the tramway station. This bazaar offers vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags and shoes, in addition to household utensils and covers. The Friday bazaar operates only on Fridays from 9 am to 7 pm.



Wednesday market in Istanbul Carsamba Pazari

Wednesday market
It is a popular market that opens on Wednesdays of every week, and is located in the alleys and side streets that are located in the Al-Fateh area, directly behind the Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Mosque,

It includes thousands of street vendors and champagne, and the bazaar consists of 7 main streets and 17 secondary streets, and everything you can think of of fruits, vegetables, and clothes, in addition to shoes and household utensils, is available.

The most important characteristic of Al-Fateh Bazaar is the cheap prices of goods in it, and you can bargain with the seller and get the best prices; Therefore, it is one of the best popular Istanbul markets.



Osman Bey Street in Istanbul

Othmanbey Market

Osman Pasha Market is located near the Sisli area and is a 10-minute walk from Taksim Square. The market includes the most famous Turkish brands and offices for famous designers and includes many shops selling distinctive and luxurious Turkish clothing brands, as well as perfume and gift shops in addition to famous cafes

It also includes centers selling cosmetics, men’s and children’s clothing. Shopping is not limited to the main Osman Bey Street, but you can find what you are looking for in the side streets branching from Osman Bey Street, at better prices.



Mahmutpasha Bazaar
Mahmoud Pasha Market

Mahmud Pasha Market is located in Eminonu, near the Spice Market




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