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The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul, Turkey, which we recommend to visit

The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul, Turkey, which we recommend to visit

The beaches of Istanbul Sayer Altankum Beach 
The best beaches in the recommended city of Istanbul



Istanbul is the ancient capital of Turkey, and Istanbul has witnessed the history of three empires “Roman, Byzantine and Turkish”, however, Istanbul is a tourist city that deserves its place due to its charming nature and mild climate and is classified as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey.

Istanbul has the lion’s share of the Black Sea coast, in addition to parks that provide charming views of the famous Bosphorus. If you are looking for a suitable place for summer holidays, sports and swimming, Istanbul is the right place for you, it is one of the tourist cities that hosts millions of travelers every year because of its distinguished beaches.




In the last ten years, the Istanbul Municipality has worked to open many private beaches in order to stimulate tourism and accommodate the largest number of tourists. In this article, we will talk about the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul.



Nakibey Plaj
Istanbul beaches
naky b
This coast is one of the most important beaches of Istanbul, as it ranks first among the beaches of Istanbul, due to the cleanliness of the beach. The municipality of Istanbul takes care of its cleanliness on a weekly basis, and the Naki Bey coast was established 10 years ago, and it is located on Keri Island.

Nakki Bay Beach is one of the beaches that was opened for families in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four, and it is one of the distinctive places for many visitors from different parts of the world, and one of the most important means of entertainment on Nakki Bay Beach.

Nakki Bay Beach includes many avenues for enjoyment and entertainment, through many water games on the beach, including slides and umbrellas, as well as many seats that provide comfort for family visitors, Nakki Bay Beach is one of the completely safe beaches For children, because it is a completely rock-free beach, as it has only fun golden sand.


Dalyan Coast
Istanbul beaches
Dalian Coast
The beach is located in the area of ​​Damercikoy. It overlooks the Black Sea, and contains many playgrounds, restaurants, recreational and cultural cafes dedicated to reading books in a wonderful calm. The entrance fee to the Dalia coast is 15 lira.



Solar Beach
Istanbul beaches
Solar Coast
Solar Coast One of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul is Solar Beach, because of its large area, with a total area of ​​30,000 km. It is the largest of Istanbul’s beaches, and the coast remains open 24 hours a day, and it is the only beach that is distinguished by this. There are concerts and a number of playgrounds, as well as a place for children. This beach is located in the district of Kilios.

Solar Beach is one of the largest and purest beaches in Istanbul, and therefore the area contains many beaches and family coasts equipped to receive its visitors in the summer.



Golden Beach
Istanbul beaches
Golden Coast
The Golden Coast is one of the most beautiful places to spend a fun time and practice your favorite sports. The Golden Coast includes a jogging track and a cycling track. The beach also contains a number of handball fields, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. The beach is located in the area of ​​Rumali Feneri. It overlooks the Black Sea.

It is necessary to mention the climbing walls that simulate mountains, which provide an opportunity to practice climbing. Visitors are received between eight and five hours.



Burc Beach
Istanbul beaches
Bourges Coast
The Burj coast is one of the distinctive beaches in Istanbul. The beach is located in the Omesh Dara area. The Burj coast includes the largest café. The café can accommodate 150 people, and there is a car park that can accommodate 600 cars. The coast is located near Gogazic University.




Udo Istanbul Coast
Istanbul beaches
Odo Coast Istanbul
Within the Tuzla district, on the Asian side of Istanbul, lies the Ordu Coast, which is known for its gym and great restaurant. With its pleasant coastal atmosphere, the Odo Coast attracts many visitors from all regions of Istanbul. The Odo coast also gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy surfing through a professional team specialized in this type of sport.

Work on the Odo Coast begins at eight in the morning and continues until six in the evening. The coast of Odo Istanbul gives its visitors the opportunity to practice surfing through a professional training team.



Kamos Coast
Istanbul beaches
Kamos Coast
Despite the small area of ​​the coast of Kamos, it is distinguished by the quality of the services it provides. Many parties and barbecues are organized in the coast, and it is adjacent to the Nakki Bee coast, where it is located on the island of Kinali.



Florya Coast
Istanbul beaches
Florya Coast
It is located in the west of Istanbul in the Florya region, and it can be reached by metrobus or municipal buses. It receives visitors between nine in the morning and six in the evening.

When you visit Florya Beach, you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes where you can sit and breathe the cool breeze on Florya Beach, especially when the sea embraces the sun at sunset, and stroll among the vast green spaces decorated with colorful flowers.

Huge long-lived trees at Florya Coast Park, facing the beach.



Kilyos Beach
Istanbul beaches
Kilios Beach
Kilios Beach enjoys a privileged location on the Black Sea, providing it with a beautiful nature, where the sand and the nearby hills are covered with green, clear turquoise waters, in addition to a series of high-end restaurants and cafes with a recreational atmosphere that attracts the attention of families, and all these ingredients have helped make Kilios one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul. When you visit this beach, you can practice some popular sports such as walking, jogging and cycling.

And you will spend a wonderful day between playing on the soft golden sand and diving in the clear blue water. And in the evening, don’t miss the opportunity to spend some time on the beach at night, enjoying the cool breeze and sipping your favorite drink amidst the twinkling lights everywhere.

Caddebostan beach . Caddebostan beach



Istanbul beaches
very beach bostan
Jedda Bostan Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Istanbul because of its cleanliness and clear waters of multiple depths, and for being one of the well-served beaches. The beach is located on the Asian side of the city, in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul in particular, and consists of three beaches, two of which are public, and the third is private.

When you visit this beach, you can enjoy walking, sitting on the designated seats and enjoying the scenic views. You can also swim in the waters of Jidda Bostan Beach, which is characterized by its multiple depths, making it suitable for everyone, and for children in particular, and do not forget to take souvenir photos on this beautiful beach.



Sarıyer Altınkum Beach
Istanbul beaches
Sayer Al Tankum Beach
In Turkey, some beaches are also designated for women only, where they can enjoy a fun and relaxing day under the sun. Sayer Al-Tamkom Beach is one of the most prominent of these beaches, as it was equipped with the best amenities, with dressing rooms suitable for women, as well as a high-level medical team to handle emergency cases.

This beach allows mothers to bring their children under the age of ten, while providing many facilities such as changing rooms, showers, chairs, tables and umbrellas.

As for the entry fees, they are divided as follows: free entry for children under 7 years old, 10 Turkish liras for the age of 7 to 10 years, women and children over 11 years old at 30 Turkish liras, while boys under nine years old can enter with their mothers.



Uzunya Beach
Istanbul beaches
Uzonia beach
Uzunya Beach is considered the most natural beach among the beaches of Istanbul. It is located within a small bay on the Black Sea. The beach is calm and beautiful and gets crowded in the summer. There are umbrellas made of reeds and bamboo. You can lie on the grass or on the sand.


Blue Beach
Istanbul beaches
blue beach
It is characterized by its wonderful view of the sea, where you can watch boats and islands from Kalamesh Marina, and it is possible to see and enjoy the sunset. The blue beach is characterized by beautiful sand, and it contains a number of swimming pools, many buffets and restaurants, and sometimes there are some bands,

It is considered one of Istanbul’s most popular beaches, as it is filled with summertime and visitors, and some entertainment parties, competitions and various activities are organized.



Wattabe Beach
Istanbul beaches
Wattab Beach
This beach is the first beach for natural sports in Istanbul. This beach is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, about 55 km away from the city. It is considered one of the most suitable beaches for nature lovers,

It is possible to sit under the trees to take cover from the sun or lie on the grass, and do a number of special activities. On Watap Beach, you can ride mountain bikes and sea jogging.

Non-stop Beach
Istanbul beaches
Non stop beach
The atmosphere of this beach is like its name, as many events and activities are held on it, such as parties, water sports, and other activities. Noon Stop Beach includes a buffet and a restaurant.



Babylon Beach
Istanbul beaches
Babylon Beach
One of the most important beaches in Istanbul, it hosts many international beach festivals, and offers a high level of fun to all its visitors.

It is located on Kilios Bay, on the European side of Istanbul, and is the perfect beach for recreation.

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