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The most important tourist places in Queenstown, New Zealand

The most important tourist places in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is characterized by many beautiful tourist places, we will mention to you the following 9 of the most beautiful tourist places in Queenstown, New Zealand, we recommend visiting:



Kawarau Bridge Bungy
Kawaro Bungee Bridge, New Zealand

The Kawaro Bungee Suspension Bridge is home to the world’s first and most famous bungee jump. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was opened in 1988, and is located in a rocky front overlooking the Kawarau River.

The bridge is 43 meters long above sea level. And it allows you to enjoy stunning views from the top of the bridge, and the white water rapids of the Shotoffer River. Explore rocky gorges, cross rocks by quad bike, and the ultimate adventure for thrill-seekers is skydiving and enjoying epic views of the Southern Alps and surrounding lakes.



Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is the longest and third largest lake in New Zealand, and it is an inland lake of 80 km in length. Take a scenic cruise across Lake Wakatipu, aboard the century-old coal-fired TSS Earnslaw.

You can dine for a unique experience, as well as walk, bike, stroll along the long lake shores, jet-boating, enjoy fishing, and kayak tours.



Skippers Canyon

One of the most exciting hikes in the Queenstown area, is the drive through Skippers Canyon. It is a historic strait that extends across 22 kilometers, and was once home to thousands of prospectors after the discovery of gold in 1892 AD, in the Shotofer River that runs through the valley.


Now it’s a popular stop for heritage cruises, jet-boating, bungee jumping, crossing the high Skippers Suspension Bridge and reaching the top of the Cronet. Choose from the many rides to Skippers Canyon, go to the rink, and don’t miss the delicious cream tea along the way, for which the area is famous.