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The restaurant offers a large number of Chinese dishes in

The restaurant offers a large number of Chinese dishes in



addition to oriental dishes such as labneh sandwiches with olive oil, shawarma with taboon bread, amazing shakshuka, kebabs and grilled vegetables, in addition to a wonderful selection of desserts and drinks.

To visit the restaurant, you can enter on Google Maps to know the location from here.

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We presented to you the most prominent Beijing restaurants that we strongly recommend to visit, explaining



all the information and details related to each restaurant, to make it easier for you to deal with each restaurant.

Toast Box restaurant

The restaurant is located in the Orchida Hotel in Beijing, and it is one of the beautiful restaurants distinguished by its modern and intimate decor. There is also an outdoor balcony overlooking a stunning view surrounded by many trees and a view that suggests traditional Chinese architecture. It is one of the restaurants that a large number of city residents recommend to visitors, and therefore we recommend it to you.

Mam Turkish Restaurant
Mam Turkish Restaurant is really a restaurant for a Turkish mother who decided to open this amazing restaurant in order to provide all the Turkish flavors and distinctive Turkish cuisine recipes in Beijing.

The restaurant offers excellent dishes such as: Gagik “Yogurt with garlic and chives”, ample kebab “Adana and Iskaner”, and dolmas “peppers stuffed with grilled meat and rice”, in addition to other more than wonderful dishes



such as: Sultan Delights “slow-cooked eggplant with lamb”, or chicken stew with apples, plums and basmati rice, all alongside a wide variety of juices and wines.

To visit the restaurant, you can enter on Google Maps

Xinjiang Crescent Moon Uighur Muslim Restaurant
Beijing restaurants
Xinjiang Restaurant


Xinjiang Restaurant is one of the excellent Beijing restaurants that we recommend you to visit, because the restaurant offers a varied menu that allows you to try different Chinese dishes, and the restaurant prepares all Arabic dishes in a healthy way, which ensures that you can eat everything you want.