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Tourism in Queenstown, New Zealand

Tourism in Queenstown, New Zealand



Ride a jet boat on the Shotover River
Jetboat on the Shotover River, New Zealand

The Shotoffer River is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Queenstown, New Zealand. Today it is home to one of Queenstown’s most popular tourist attractions, the Shotover River Jet Boat Company. It is the only company allowed to operate inside the canyons, where it has been operating since 1965.



Take a whimsical and fast cruise down the narrow river, and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the canyon’s dramatic cliffs. It’s one of the longest running adventure activities in Queenstown, going at up to 90kph, in less than 10cm of water, bracing for the famous 360-degree spin and holding on.

Skiing in Remar Cables “Remarkables”

One of the most important and best winter leisure activities to do in Queenstown is skiing on the north facing slopes of the Remar Cables mountain range. It is a product suitable for educated beginners and experienced skiers as well as snowboarders. Its world-class and modern ski facilities have made it very popular with skiers.


The resort offers visitors the possibility to enjoy the ice skating parks, or hike the chutes, and wander the wide open trails. You can also train with the most skilled trainers, gain confidence and have a great day in the snow. You can rent everything available on the mountain from snowboards, skis, boots, poles, clothes and also rent a helmet.

Mount Crichton Track
Mt Crichton Trail, New Zealand

A great experience in Queenstown is to take a hiking tour of the two- to four-hour Mount Crichton Trail, through forests of tall beech trees.



You get excellent views of the mountain ranges, and Lake Wakatipu below the path. As well as discovering some miners’ huts, to get a good idea of ​​the harsh lifestyles of these intrepid prospectors.

Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka Queenstown

Lake Wanaka is one of the most famous and beautiful tourism parks in Queenstown, New Zealand. And that’s where it enjoys charming views, ranging from the glistening turquoise waters of the lake, which mediate the trees, and the bird-covered hills, overlooking the rocky peaks of Mount Aspiring National Park.


You can try a range of interesting activities such as fishing, boating and swimming tours, as well as walking along the lake. As well as being home to many artists who display their work, in a range of galleries in the city.

Onsen Hot Baths
Queenstown Onsen

Onsen hot tubs overlook the Shotoover River in Queenstown, New Zealand. It is a world-famous and popular day spa resort, which attracts many visitors and tourists annually.

Relax in cedar-lined onsen baths, restore your inner strength, and let go of all your anxiety and stress.