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Why is Azerbaijan called the “Land of Fire”?

Why is Azerbaijan called the “Land of Fire”?
Eternal Flame: Unaffected by wind, rain, or snowfall.




Azerbaijan Land of Fire Mountain of Fire Yanar Dag
Mountain of Fire: The oldest uninterrupted burning fire known to mankind
“Yanar Dag”, the mountain of fire in Azerbaijani language, is located on the Abchuzan Peninsula in Azerbaijan, nicknamed the “Land of Fire” overlooking the Quzine Sea, north of Digah in Azerbaijan. It may look like other mountains with an ordinary peak, but as you turn to the bottom you will be surprised by the tongues of the land of fire that form what looks like a wall, where you can see the flame along the 10-meter high hill. The strange thing is that the land of fire has been kindled by this flame for thousands of years, and it has not been extinguished or affected by winds, rains, or snowfalls. So this mountain was called “Mountain of Fire” and today it is one of the most important tourist places in this country. It is only a 30-minute drive north from the center of Baku.

Why is Azerbaijan called the “Land of Fire”? 1
mountain of fire

The fire has been burning with this flame for thousands of years, so what is the secret of this strange phenomenon?
“Yanar Dag”, one of Azerbaijan’s many sources of abundant natural gas reserves, seeping to the surface, is one of many spontaneously occurring fires that have fascinated visitors to Azerbaijan for thousands of years.

Such flares were plentiful in Azerbaijan, but they resulted in lower gas pressure underground, incompatible with commercial gas extraction, so they were put out. Yanar Dag is one of the few remaining flames, and perhaps the most impressive.


That is why Azerbaijan was known as the “Land of Fire”!
The explorer Marco Polo wrote about this mysterious phenomenon when he passed through Azerbaijan in the thirteenth century. The Silk Road merchants also transmitted many news about the torch while traveling and passing through the Land of Fire

It is the oldest uninterrupted burning fire known to man!! At one time, the torch played a major role in the ancient Zoroastrian religion, which was founded in Iran and flourished in Azerbaijan in the first millennium BC. Although the flame of the mountain of fire “Yanar Dag” continues, some believe that this flame in particular was only lit during the fifties.


Mountain of Fire is the inexhaustible legend of Azerbaijan
The Azerbaijani authorities have taken advantage of this tourist site by making it a venue for concerts and traditional and heritage performances to introduce the country’s culture. There is a cafe facing the flames, where you can enjoy drinking traditional Azerbaijani tea with jam and enjoy this rare phenomenon.

In Azerbaijan, there are hot water springs due to heat, and there are also rock carvings that were previously used to cool water, preserve wines and water animals, according to the prevailing culture. There are also a number of springs and hot water springs in the place due to the heat bikes, you can have treatment sessions in the spring water and relax.