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About the Continent of Asia

About the Continent of Asia



About Asia 1

Asia is the largest and most populous continent on Earth, and most of it is located in the eastern and northern hemispheres. It covers 8.7% of the total land surface area (or 30% of its land area) and with approximately 4,150 billion people, and is home to 60% of the world’s current population. The population of Asia nearly quadrupled during the 20th century

Asia is home to many language families and separate languages. Most Asian countries have more than one language which is mainly spoken. For example, according to the scientific study to differentiate human races, there are more than 600 languages ​​spoken in Indonesia, more than 800 in India and more than 100 in the Philippines. As for China, it has many local languages ​​and dialects in different provinces.


Culture and history

The word Asia originated from the ancient Greek word “α”, meaning “east” (or “sunrise” if females are called). Herodotus (440 BC) used it to refer to Anatolia.
The history of Asia can be seen in the form of distinct histories of many of the surrounding coastal regions: East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East linked to the interior mass of the Central Asian steppe.
The surrounding coastal cities were home to some of the world’s known primitive civilizations, each of which developed around the fertile river valleys. The civilizations of Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and the Hunji shared many similarities. Perhaps, these civilizations have had a good exchange in technology and ideas such as mathematics and physics. Other innovations, such as writing, seem to have developed in each region.
And cities, states, and empires developed in these lowlands.



The central plains region was inhabited for a long time by nomadic knights who could reach anywhere in Asia via the steppes. It was Indo-Europeans who initially assumed expansion outside the plains, spreading their language in the Middle East, South Asia, and the borders of China where the Tokarenites resided.
Most of the northern part of Asia, which includes most of Siberia, was largely inaccessible due to dense forests, climate and tundra. These areas still have very low population density.
The center and the surrounding countries remained largely separated by mountains and deserts. The Caucasus, Himalayan, Krakurum and Jubi deserts formed natural barriers that made the nomadic plains knights pass through with great difficulty.
While the urban city dwellers were more technologically and socially advanced, in many cases they could do little on the military side to fend off the hordes of knights coming from the Central Plains, however, the lowlands did not have enough open pastures to support Great cavalry force.


touristical monuments

This place is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Philippine tourism and in the whole world and not only in Asia, it is a group of conical hills spread over an area of ​​20 kilometers composed of limestone covered with grass and this grass turns brown in the dry season, which makes it similar Chocolate Hills and one of the most beautiful tourist places in the continent of Asia and in the whole world.

2- Gobi Desert in Mongolia: GOBI DESERT, MONGOLIA:
The Gobi Desert extends over a large area of ​​up to 500,000 km to reach a part of northern China and is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world and one of the natural oddities in the Asian continent, as this desert is characterized by a great diversity in temperatures, which made it a home for biological diversity and many animals and can To discover one of the different aspects of the tourist places in Asia.

This place is one of the unparalleled natural wonders and one of the tourist places in the continent of Asia that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage lists, as it is a group of mountains that are prepared for the beholder as they reach the sky high, and this park is one of the most beautiful places in tourism in China and in the continent of Asia .

4- Sky Lake in China and North Korea: HEAVEN LAKE, NORTH KOREA / CHINA:
Sky Lake is one of the tourist places that make you feel that you live in a piece of paradise, as the lake is located on the upper part of Mount Baekdu on the border between China and North Korea, and it was formed as a result of a volcano eruption in 950 AD and due to the height of the lake, it is covered by ice most of the year and this lake is considered one of the places Tourist with a charming nature in the continent of Asia.

5- Sigiriya in Sri Lanka: SIGIRIYA, SRI LANKA:
This charming place is one of the signs of Sri Lanka tourism and one of the tourist places that nature has given us, as they are huge towers stacked next to each other at a height of 650 feet, and it is one of the tourist places included on the lists of UNESCO World Heritage and one of the natural wonders in the continent of Asia.