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The Pearl Island Abu Dhabi is considered one of the housing and

The Pearl Island Abu Dhabi is considered one of the housing and


tourism projects in Abu Dhabi, as it is characterized by modern facilities and facilities and recreational places that aim to provide a healthy, safe and entertaining lifestyle, and the quiet nature of the island makes it one of the most suitable places for recreation, rest and clearing the mind.

The island provides a wonderful opportunity for its visitors to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting its beaches, practicing marine activities and playing on the soft white sand, in addition to walking in the wonderful green spaces and taking pictures with them, and visiting restaurants and cafes.

Discover Pearl Island Abu Dhabi
Learn about the most important recreational activities and various facilities on the Pearl Island, as follows:


The following is a group of the most prominent recreational activities:

Beach recreation
Pearl Island

Relax on the beaches of the island, which are characterized by the calmness preferred by many visitors. You can only sit on the sand and feel comfortable, and go out on a distinguished picnic accompanied by family and friends. There are also desert spaces suitable for camping parties and wild trips, where you can spend some time in the bosom of nature away from environmental pollution. And during that, he took many distinguished memorial photos with a natural background.

Pearl Island in Abu Dhabi

Bring your tent with you, choose your preferred location, and start a unique camping trip in the open air around the pearl beaches and their green spaces or golden sandy oases. You can also organize camping trips with friends and eat delicious meals, whether they are grilled in nature or brought from restaurants in the area.



Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche Hotel
One of the luxurious 4-star hotels in Abu Dhabi, it provides modern interior designs, all units feature sea or city views, and it includes various facilities, including a wellness and spa center, and a fitness center, read more.

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort
A 5-star rated resort, with luxurious and modern décor, and various facilities, including a private beach area overlooked by the rooms, 3 swimming pools, a spa center and a fitness center