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Tourism in Peru

Tourism in Peru

Tourism in Peru is one of the most popular destinations in South America, a country of history, culture, beauty and adventure. If you intend to spend an exciting tourist vacation, we recommend visiting Peru, where the diversity of landscapes, cultures and experiences in Peru have made it one of the most unique destinations on the entire continent.


Peru allows you to do a range of the most enjoyable leisure activities, the most prominent of which is a boat cruise on the highest navigable lake in the world “Lake Titicaca”. So is dune bashing, hiking in the Andes, or piranha fishing in the Amazon. In addition to wandering the streets of the modern city of Lima, going to museums and the Sacred Valley, exploring the deepest canyons in the world, and many other tourist attractions that characterize Peru.

Tourism in Peru

Discover tourism in Peru
If you are thinking of traveling to Peru for a tourist vacation. Here is your comprehensive guide on tourism in Peru, the most important information and tips before traveling, as well as identifying the most important and best 5 tourist cities that we advise you to visit in Peru…


Best places to stay in Peru

Hotels in Peru vary between luxurious, historical with views of the ruins of the Inca Empire, and those with wonderful natural backgrounds of mountains, valleys, coasts, lakes and more, to choose the most suitable for you among them… Read more about the best hotels in Peru.



Where is Peru located?
Where is Peru located?

The Republic of Peru is located in the west of the South American continent. It is bordered on the north by the Republic of Ecuador and the Republic of Colombia, on the south by Chile, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the east by Brazil, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The best time to travel to Peru
The best time to visit Peru is during the dry season, between May and October. The reason for this is because of the mild temperatures, clear skies and bright sunshine, it is the ideal time for tourism in Peru. It is worth noting that:

Spring in Peru (March to May)
Spring is a good season to travel to Peru, where the climate is mild and the weather is pleasant, allowing for walks in the open spaces, exploring the green nature and beautiful plants and rare animals. As well as the tourist sites are not crowded and thus costs are low.

Summer in Peru from the month (June to August)
Summer is the peak season for tourism in Peru. It is the best time to relax on the tourist beaches, attend special celebrations and festivals, visit archaeological and historical sites, in addition to enjoying a visit to the Amazon and Andes mountains.

Autumn in Peru (September to October)
Autumn weather is still pleasant to roam and travel to Peru, it is a season characterized by an abundance of birds and plants, especially orchids, in the cloud forests of Peru, and the atmosphere of dreamy autumn.

Winter in Peru (November to February)
Winter in Peru is very cold, but it is the perfect time for tourism in the country, especially for lovers of cold weather and exciting winter adventures. You can also attend the special Christmas celebrations, and go to the commercial markets in Cuzco. Also, in the winter, flight and hotel reservations are low, it is a unique experience that we advise you not to miss, especially if you are on a healthy budget.

The language in Peru
Spanish is the official language of Peru. The people of Peru also speak many other languages ​​besides Spanish, the most famous of which is Quechua.



Tourist visa in Peru
Tourist visa in Peru

When deciding to travel to Peru, you will need to obtain a Peruvian tourist visa. Learn the following about the most important conditions and paper requirements for obtaining a tourist visa in Peru:

Fill out and sign the Peru tourist visa application form.
Pay the visa fee, which is approximately $30.
A passport valid for at least six months.
Two recent passport-sized photos with a white background, size 4×6.
Provide proof of your good health and that you do not have any contagious disease.
Bank account statement for the last three months.
Book a tour program in Peru or submit a letter of invitation or a confirmed hotel reservation.
Submit all papers and documents in Spanish or English.
Reservation of a round trip flight ticket.
The ideal period for tourism in Peru
The ideal duration of tourism in Peru is about ten days, as this allows visitors to comfortably visit many of the country’s main attractions, and the most important tourist places. Here are the most famous main attractions that you can visit in Peru, to be included in your tour itinerary:

Start your trip from Cusco, and enjoy going to Rainbow Mountain, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu “The Lost Castle”, Murray, Chinchero, Puno, Floating Islands, Lake Titicaca, and a wander around the capital Lima and its trendy modern streets.

Then you can explore ancient archaeological sites, the salt mines of Murray, and meet the Oro people on the floating islands. And don’t miss a visit to San Pedro Market, and Plaza de Armas. In addition to visiting historical museums such as the Larco Museum (home of antiques

Pre-Columbian) and Huaca Puclana (ruins of an ancient Inca pyramid).

You can also take walking tours of the Inca trails in the Sacred Valley, the Andes, and explore the natural places in Peru. In addition to wandering among the local markets and beautiful rural villages.

You can also take a boat tour on the Amazon River, and enjoy the wonderful surrounding views. As well as learning about Peruvian wildlife, and enjoy eating delicious traditional foods in Peruvian restaurants.

How much does tourism cost in Peru?
Find out below the average prices and costs of tourism and recreational activities in Peru, to be able to determine your tourism budget:

The average cost of a trip to Peru for two people for one week is about 626 USD.
The average price for a hotel in Peru for a couple is approximately $38 USD.
The price of accommodation for one person in Peru is 76. Peruvian sol.
The average daily spend in Peru for a single traveler is approximately $45.
The price of meals in restaurants per day is about 12 USD.
The average local transportation cost per person in Peru per day is approximately 6.34 USD.
The average daily cost of bottled water in Peru is approximately .4.38 Peruvian Sol.