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The most beautiful malls in Amman, Jordan, the famous

The most beautiful malls in Amman, Jordan, the famous


, Mecca Mall

Mecca Mall is one of the most beautiful malls in Amman, Jordan. It is distinguished by its distinguished location. It is located in the most famous streets of Jordan, and therefore



attracts many tourists to it, in order to buy all their basic needs. It is one of the most luxurious malls in Jordan, which is characterized by its high designs and decorations, and the mall is suitable for individuals and families. To spend a special time and buy all your requirements.

The mall includes a number of shops that vary from shops selling products with international brands or were locally made, and includes shops selling electrical and sports appliances, as well as selling accessories and jewelry, as well as selling household appliances and all the needs of brides, and there is a distinguished group of restaurants and cafes in the mall. Which enjoys high service, and its prices are known to be suitable for everyone.


Al Baraka Mall

Al Baraka Mall is one of the most famous malls in Amman, Jordan. The mall is known for being one of the quietest malls in Jordan, where you can roam freely without crowding, due to the lack of shops in it, but it contains all the basic needs of customers, and is characterized by its high-end designs, and the mall employees are distinguished by sophistication and experience in How to deal with customers, as it is distinguished by its competitive prices compared to other nearby malls.

The mall offers a number of services to customers, in terms of diversity in the exhibits to satisfy all tastes, as the mall displays everything related to the world of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion as well, suitable for all ages, in addition to home appliances stores and some gift and accessories stores, and there are showrooms in the mall The cinema is equipped with the highest technology, and a dedicated children’s area.


Arjan Mall

Arjan Mall or as it is called “Murjan Mall” is one of the important malls in Amman, Jordan, which attracts many customers, whether local or tourists from different countries for the purpose of tourism, despite its small area, but it contains many shops that meet all your requirements and satisfy your purchasing desire, and it is worth noting that its prices are suitable for everyone.



The mall offers a variety of goods and exhibits, including but not limited to places for selling accessories and gifts, selling clothes for all ages, whether men, women or children as well. It also includes a supermarket specializing in the sale of all food commodities, in addition to shops selling children’s toys, and selling electrical appliances. , and shops selling home furniture, as well as an area for children’s amusement park.