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Transportation and transportation in Colombia

Transportation and transportation in Colombia

Colombia has many means of transportation and public transportation that you can use to move around within it easily. Here are the most important types of public transportation in Colombia



The bus
Traveling by bus in Colombia is the most widely used and safest mode of transportation.

Taxis are available in all small towns and tourist cities in Colombia, as are motorbikes, but avoid riding motorbikes as they are very dangerous.

Airplane is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel in Colombia, there are few domestic flights to fly within Colombia and they are cheap.

the boat
Some areas of Colombia can only be reached by boat, the most famous of which are Nuquí Island and Providencia Island, and enjoy amazing sea tours.

The official currency of Colombia

The Colombian peso is the official currency of Colombia.



Communications and the Internet in Colombia
Colombia has a distinguished telecommunications sector, which provides many international and local calling services for fixed phones, mobile phones, and the Internet. Here are the most important telecom companies in Colombia:

Tigua Colombia
Distance between the most popular cities in Colombia
You will need to know the distances between cities and some of them in Colombia, so that it is easy for you to move around and explore them easily. Here are the distances between the most popular cities in Colombia:

Bogota to Cali 300 km.
Medellin to Barranquilla 531 km.
Cartagena to Cucuta 432 km.
Santa Marta to Ibaji 765 km.
Ibaji to Medellin 341 km.
Arauca to Medellin 827 km.
Tonga to Santa Marta 817 km.
Bogota to Cartagena 1034 km.
Cali to Medellin 423 km.
Rent a car in Colombia
Renting a car in Colombia is excellent for exploring the country on your own without restrictions, and for enjoying the beautiful landscapes on both sides of the road. Here are the most important information, tips and requirements needed to be able to rent a car during tourism in Colombia:

Possession of a credit card with an available space of at least one million Colombian pesos.
A valid driver’s license, identification document, and you must be under 21 years old.
Park the car in the parking lot known as “barquedos” which costs 1.75 USD for a few hours and is very safe.
Book online for its ease, speed and cheap prices.
Take the time to read the contract and check that you understand it in its entirety before you sign.
Make sure you have all the correct documents and vehicle permits in case the police stop you on the road.
A seat belt must be worn at all times for all passengers in the vehicle.
You are not allowed to use your phone while driving unless it is hands free.
Check how much gasoline you got, and whether it matches what is in your contract.
Take pictures of your car before you receive it so you won’t be blamed for any scratches you didn’t do yourself.
The speed limit in residential areas is 30 km/h, in urban areas, 60 km/h, in rural areas, 80 km/h and on highways, 100 km/h.
You must drive with your vehicle light on at all times.