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Transportation and transportation in Croatia

Transportation and transportation in Croatia

Ferries in Croatia
Getting around in Croatia is easy through many ways, including:

Ferries: There is a ferry service in Croatia, which is one of the most beautiful experiences that tourists can have during their journey from one Croatian city to another. In short, the ferry world in Croatia is an integrated journey in itself, with many of them restaurants and cafes as well.



Bus: It is the most popular and widespread means of transportation in Croatia. As well as the cheap prices offered by bus companies in all Croatian cities.

Flying: Croatia’s domestic airline networks fuel many domestic tourist trips in the summer. Where visitors can easily transfer via flights from Zagreb Airport to the cities of Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Split and Zadar.



Food and drinks in Croatia

food in croatia
Croatian cuisine is another tourist attraction in the country as it blends different culinary cultures. Especially the cooking methods of the Mediterranean and in Italy. Accordingly, the menus in Croatia are filled with seafood, as well as pasta of various types. As well as cooked vegetables and added flavors of garlic and olive oil.

While some parts of the country draw their traditional recipes from Turkey or Hungarian cuisine. In any case, the most famous and most unusual Croatian dishes are octopus stewed with cream and cheese. While the country is famous for its cakes with crackers, while a lot of local juices, especially grapes and cherries, spread.

The official currency of Croatia
The Croatian Kuna is the official currency of Croatia and is symbolized by the symbol HRK.

Communication and the Internet in Croatia
During your holiday in Croatia, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease. Where there is a distinguished group of telecommunications companies available in the country, the most important of which are:



A1 hrvatska doo: This company is one of the leading international telecommunications companies operating in Croatia. It is part of telecom austria and provides the population with fast internet services.
Bonbon: This company provides its customers with communication lines and internet services as well. As well as relying on it as a means of payments and transfer of funds.
Ericsson nikola tesla dd: This company joins the international telecom market in Croatia. Where its lines operate in neighboring countries as well, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and many countries of the former Soviet Union.
Hrvatski telecom: It is the first national Croatian telecom company, founded in 1998. It provides its subscribers with landline and internet services as well.
Distance between the most popular cities in Croatia
Zagreb is 286 km from Zadar.
From Split to Zagreb, the distance is 410 km.
Zagreb is 382 km from Trogir.
Zagreb is 268 km from Pula.
Dubrovnik is 600 km from Zagreb.
Rent a car in Croatia
Many tourists want to rent a car of their own to navigate their trips easily and comfortably. Such an idea seems excellent in Croatia, due to the large number of companies operating in renting cars, as well as the low cost of up to 35% compared to prices in the rest of European countries.




In short, if you want to rent a car during tourism in Croatia, all you have to do is search for the right option for you. And that is through the sites of car rental companies spread on the Internet, most notably HERTZ. And then get your order with the possibility of electronic payment via credit cards as well.