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Tag Archive : Tirana Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Albania

Tirana Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Albania


Tirana Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Albania



Tirana Zoo

Tirana Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Albania, and it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Tirana and the most popular among tourists and locals, as it is an ideal recreational place for family holidays.

Within the park there are vast green spaces, with many lakes of ducks, swans and exotic red fish in the middle. The park includes a variety of exotic and rare wild and arctic animals, such as tigers, lions, deer, bears, reptiles, wolves and many more. In addition to different types of birds, the garden also includes a children’s play area, as well as cafes and restaurants.


Grand Park

Grand Park is one of the important theme parks in Tirana. The park extends over a large area of ​​230 hectares. Surrounded by a large artificial lake, visitors gather around it for recreation or to catch fresh fish, and swim in it in the summer. The park also has many monuments and a collection of tombs for many national Albanian heroes.

Sabil Beach


Spel Beach in the Albanian capital, Tirana, is a beautiful tourist beach. Along the beach there are chairs, umbrellas, restaurants, and all recreational and service facilities for visitors. As well as sports facilities, where the beach allows its visitors to enjoy swimming and paddling with children in complete safety.

Riga cloud


Riga cloud is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Tirana, attracting a lot of tourists all year round. The Riga cloud has an impressive geometric cloud-like design that impresses and surprises. Tourists come to it constantly to explore this great edifice, and to take the most beautiful souvenir photos with it. It also allows visitors to climb between its trunks, in an atmosphere of interesting adventure. Many different events, activities and film festivals are held there.


Brazar Castle

Brazar Castle dates back to the 15th century, and its walls, towers and ramparts are still intact today. It is one of the prominent archaeological and historical monuments in the city. There you can enjoy a charming panoramic view of the landmarks of Tirana from the top of the plain and the surrounding mountains.