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Tourism in York

Tourism in York

York is one of the historical cities in England, where it is called the capital of churches in England, and even more so, it is one of the cities that still preserves medieval streets and buildings, and even links them with the current era to blend them in a remarkable and attractive way. We review in the following lines the most important tourist attractions in York:



1- York cathedral

The cathedral was built in the Gothic architectural style in the thirteenth century, and it was built to commemorate the monks who converted to Christianity from the countryside.

The shows also include a history of more than two thousand years for some wonderful artifacts, the most prominent of which is the stained glass windows in Minster, the most important of which is the Hajj window.



2- Shambles Street

The Shambles Street in York is one of the biggest attractions in the city. It is a long, narrow lane surrounded by beautiful wooden buildings dating back to the fourteenth century. It includes many shops frequented by tourists for gifts and wonderful purchases.

There are also many restaurants and cafes on the street, and the most important characteristic of Shambles Street is that it still retains many of the shops in their original image as they were built in the Middle Ages.



3- The National Railway Museum

The National Museum in York is considered one of the distinguished museums, as it contains many trains and carriages dating back to 1820 AD, and the most important trains are the Victoria Post, freight trains and twentieth century trains.

Next to the trains, the museum includes more than a million artifacts that are posters and paintings since the manufacture of trains and a thousand hours of rare recordings related to the history of railways in Britain in general and in York in particular.