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A 12-day space tourism trip, find out its cost

A 12-day space tourism trip.. Find out its cost
The Dream Trip is a 12-day space tourism trip.. It takes off from the Baikonur region in Kazakhstan


American space tourist Richard Garriott said that a ticket to space is estimated at more than 30 million dollars. It is true that this trip is not cheap, but rich adventurers will pay for such a trip!


After returning to Earth from a trip to the International Space Station in the Baikonur region of Kazakhstan, Garriott told a press briefing at the Star City Space Center that his flight fulfilled a 30-year-old dream of flying into space. After 30 years of working I was able to make it happen.”

Garriott, a video game entrepreneur, paid more than $30 million for his 12-day trip to the International Space Station.