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Tourism in Al Buraimi, Oman, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region

Tourism in Al Buraimi, Oman, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region


It is a state that enjoys many natural and historical components. And that’s where the beaches, the theme parks, and the mountains are. As well as archaeological and cultural sites such as castles, forts and villages. In addition to enjoying the largest area of ​​sand dunes in the world, providing tourists with the most beautiful safari and camping trips. All this made the Wilayat of Al Buraimi one of the most important tourist areas in Oman.



Tourism in Al Buraimi, Oman

If you are already planning to travel and tourism in Oman soon, and intend to visit the Wilayat of Buraimi. Here is this guide about travel and tourism in Al Buraimi, Oman, and learn the most important information and the best tourist attractions that we advise you to visit…

The best hotels in Al Buraimi, Amman

Al Buraimi hotels are located close to the most famous landmarks of the state, making it easy for you to move between them. As well as complete safety and comfort to have an enjoyable tourist vacation. Al Buraimi is distinguished by its hotels and hotel apartments of varying prices and levels, to suit different tourist budgets… Read more about the best Buraimi hotels in Amman.



Best time to travel to Al Buraimi, Oman
The best time for travel and tourism in Al Buraimi, Amman, is during the months from “September to November”, when the mild temperatures allow you to explore the city and its most prominent tourist attractions. As well as doing a lot of activities such as sand boarding, camping, and camel riding.

This is in addition to the lack of chances of rain, and the possibility of attending one of the largest national celebrations in the country during the month of November, when Sultan Qaboos was born.

The ideal period for tourism in Al Buraimi, Oman
The ideal period for travel and tourism in Al Buraimi, Amman, is about three days. During them, you can enjoy discovering the city and its main tourist attractions, such as visiting Al Buraimi Park and its historical sites.

As well as taking an exciting safari trip in the desert, and a visit to one of its beautiful beaches. You can also go to major shopping centers, buy the best souvenirs such as handicrafts for which the city is famous, try local delicacies and many more.



Where is Al Buraimi located?

Al Buraimi is located in the northwest of Oman, on the direct borders of the Sultanate and the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, adjacent to the city of Al Ain, UAE.

It is bordered on the north by the Wilayat of Mahdah, on the west by the Emirati city of Ain, on the east by the state of Sohar, and on the south by the state of Ibri. Al Buraimi is 334.9 km away from the Omani capital, Muscat.



Closest airport to Al Buraimi, Oman
Oman Khasab Airport
Khasab Airport is the nearest airport to the city of Buraimi in Amman, which is 314.0 km away from Buraimi. The airport is located in the state of Khasab in the north of the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The language is in Buraimi, Oman
Arabic is the official language in Al Buraimi, Oman. Balochi and English are also widely spread in the country.