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Tourism in Rotterdam

Tourism in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and the second largest city in it and one of the major commercial complexes in the world. It is one of the most important gates between Eastern and Western Europe, with a population of about 1.3 million people.

The city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has many tourist attractions, which make it an important destination for tourists coming to the Netherlands, and the port of Rotterdam is one of the most important tourist attractions in it, as it is the second largest port in the world.

The most famous tourist attraction in Rotterdam
Rotterdam is a wonderful city, and the tourist places in Rotterdam have its own flavor mixed with luxury, beauty and sophistication, there are a group of famous tourist attractions in Rotterdam, which we will mention to you in this article, namely:

Euromast Rotterdam Tower
One of the most famous tourist attractions in Rotterdam and it is considered the tallest tower in the Netherlands with a length of 185 meters. It is open to the public so that they can see the Rotterdam skyline from its summit. The Euromast tower overlooks the city center, the port of Rotterdam and the surrounding places

At a height of 92 meters from the tower, there is a distinctive restaurant for dinner and hotel suites with a wonderful view, as adventure lovers can land via the rope from the top of the tower.

The port of Rotterdam
One of the world’s largest ports dates back to the fourteenth century AD and occupies a very large area and is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Rotterdam. The tour takes about an hour or more to the port, where you can see the wonderful Rotterdam skyline through it, as well as the giant shipyards and containers.

Rotterdam Zoo
One of the oldest and most famous zoos in the Netherlands and one of the tourist attractions in Rotterdam, it is located north of Rotterdam station and it is frequented by many visitors, whether locals or tourists. Rotterdam Zoo is an ideal choice for outings with family and children.

The park contains an aquarium, opened in 2001, and includes many types of fish and aquatic life, such as sharks, turtles, and others.

Rotterdam Market
Rotterdam Market or Market Hall is a huge building in the form of an arch, the building includes apartments and offices in addition to a large market and many shops and cafes, which number up to 100.

The market is located inside the curved building inside and there is a car park under it. This building is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Rotterdam and has gained its fame due to its impressive design.

Cubic houses in Rotterdam
Houses with a strange design that takes the shape of a cube were created as an innovative housing project with the aim of solving the overpopulation problem, designed by Piet Blue. This region was characterized by its high population density, but it was famous internationally thanks to its unique design.

Erasmus Berg Bridge
A bridge connecting the northern part to the southern part of the city of Rotterdam and is considered one of the most important symbols of the city. It was designed by Ben van Berkeley. It was completed in 1996. This bridge was called the Swan because of the shape of its design.

It is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Rotterdam and is used, in addition to its function as a traffic bridge, in many events such as concerts, fireworks, and movies as well.

Rotterdam Maritime Museum
The Naval Museum in Rotterdam dates back to 1874 and is the oldest maritime museum in the city and one of the unique museums in the world.

The museum displays marine history and many models, including the Royal Navy ship and the Pavel ship, which has been converted into a unique open museum, and the museum also includes a special exhibition for children that offers interactive displays.

Kinderdeck Mills
The suburb consists of 19 old windmills dating back to the year 1740 and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Rotterdam and has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Visitors are introduced to the history and origins of these mills, as they are certainly one of the most important symbols of Rotterdam.

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