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Top 4 activities in Zagreb Botanical Garden, Croatia

Top 4 activities in Zagreb Botanical Garden, Croatia

Zagreb Botanical Garden embraces more than 10,000 species of plants, which made it simply on the throne of the botanical gardens in the city of Zagreb and the tourist places in Croatia

The age of this place exceeds 130 years and contains an enormous number of trees and rare plant species in addition to being home to a number of animal species such as birds and reptiles such as ducks, turtles, pigeons and others.

The garden is dotted with vast green spaces, and next to all these plants inside, the rare plants and seedlings that were brought from different parts of the world are the most prominent in the garden, which attracts a large number of visitors interested in plants. Real

The best things to do there
• The garden has a large number of seats suitable for sitting, you can sit a little to enjoy the open air free of pollution and away from the noise and congestion of the vast city, and this is one of the best activities that you can do there

• Plant lovers will find their way inside this wonderful place. A wide tour inside the Zagreb Botanical Garden will introduce you to many rare plant species that you did not know anything about.

• You can also rent small boats and go on a tour inside one of the lakes in the park. You can see birds and marine animals closely, caress and feed them, in addition to taking memorial photos next to them.

Do not forget to take memorial photos in the various corners of the park so that you can preserve the memory of your visit to this wonderful place forever

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