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Tourism in Hawaii

Tourism in Hawaii

Hawaii is the amazing American state, which is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its islands are famous for its stunning natural views, among waterfalls, tropical trees, and sandy beaches with dazzling colors, including golden sand, and other red, black, and green beautifully, making it a wonderful tourist destination Suitable for honeymooners and family vacations alike.

Hawaii has a recreational and historical tourism, as it includes many monuments and tourist attractions that give its visitors all aspects of fun and joy, as for what is the capital of Hawaii? The capital of Hawaii is the gorgeous island of Honolulu

The best seasons of tourism in the Hawaiian Islands
The island of Hawaii is characterized by warm temperatures throughout the year, and includes the peak periods of the tourist season from mid-December to August, especially late December, and in the spring break for American schools between the months of March and April, as well as during the Japanese Golden Week, which includes the end of April to the beginning of May, The year is divided into two main seasons, which are as follows.

The dry season between April and October, which allows you to enjoy special activities, including the Kamehameha Festival in the month of Pune, and the Aloha Festivals in September.

The rainy season, which comes from November to March, is the best for whale watching, and you can also attend the December Honol Festivals and Celebrations where traditional concerts, handicrafts, and the Honolulu Marathon are held.

Tourism in Honolulu Hawaiian Islands
Honolulu is the sparkling capital of the state of Hawaii, and is the gateway to the spectacular chain of American islands, where Waikiki is the center of dining, shopping, and bustling life, which is famous for its crescent beach supported by palm trees, with Head Diamond’s crater looming on the horizon, as well as sites Related to the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor.

As for the Ala Moana neighborhood, it contains a popular beach with calm waters, the huge Ala Moana Center shopping complex, and in the city center there is the Iolani Palace, which was formerly the home of the Hawaiian property and is now a museum, in addition to the Hawaiian Museum of Art, as is the historic Chinatown The city is part of the Arts District, and Honolulu contains rainforests, valleys, waterfalls, beaches rich in coral reefs, and many other Hawaiian island attractions.

Suggested duration of sightseeing in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is 3 days

Tourism in the island of Hawaii islands of Hawaii
The Big Island, officially called Hawaii, is the largest island in the Hawaiian Archipelago in the United States in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.Its diverse lands extend over the colorful sandy beaches of the green sand Papaculia, and the black Punaluu Beach, to the lush rainforests, and inside Volcanoes National Park, there are two active volcanoes Hampona Beach and Cahalu in the west are the most popular diving sites.

The coastal city of Hilo also includes the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden and Akaka Falls State Park, next to upscale resorts, the Kona area is home to coffee plantations, and the remote Waimea Valley is a suitable place for hiking, and cultural sites include the Boaku Petroglyph Archaeological Reserve, with rock sculptures Lava, and many others on the Hawaiian tourist island.

Suggested duration for sightseeing on the island of Hawaii is 2 days.

Tourism in the island of Maui Hawaiian Islands
Maui is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and part of the Hawaiian archipelago. The sprawling Haleakala National Park includes the island’s highest peak, as well as swimming pools, waterfalls in Ohio Gulch, and the scenic Hana Highway, including the island’s 30-mile beaches They wrote the Golden Crescent.

Among the most famous beaches of Maui are Kanapali Beach, which is famous for snorkeling, and Hokwipa, which is a popular surfing destination. The Maid Pak Maui area includes farms, and the Tropical Law Valley in the mountains of central Maui offers hiking trails and waterfalls.

The suggested duration of sightseeing in Hawaii Maui is 2 days.

Tourism in the Hawaiian Islands Lahaina
One of the most beautiful islands of tourism in Hawaii, and includes a historic city turned into a hotspot in Maui with dozens of art galleries, a variety of shops, and unique restaurants, Lahaina was once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1820 to 1845 AD, and it was also a home for whaling, Now one of the top attractions among its 60 unique historic sites, take a fun tour of the vibrant Front Street, home to the largest banyan tree in the United States.

You can also immerse yourself in the island and savor Hawaiian culture by learning about the ancient situation of boat sailors, taking a hiking tour with local guides, or camping. The sunny Lahaina climate and stunning ocean views provide an ideal backdrop for the entertainment between eating and drinking. With watching traditional dances, attending theater performances, and in the winter months, do not forget to sail from the port of Lahina on an unforgettable whale-watching tour, and you should not miss attending Halloween in Lahaina, along with the distinctive sports tournaments, as well as many fun activities.

Suggested duration for sightseeing in Hawaii to Lahaina is 2 days.

Tourism in Kailua Kona Hawaiian Islands
It is one of the best tourist cities in Hawaii, enjoying the beauty of nature, and the most important characteristic of it is Kilauea Bay, its mountains, and its classified beaches that include the best beaches in the world, next to Marsh Way Nou, which is home to many types of exciting wildlife as it allows tourists to enjoy a quiet atmosphere on a ride Bicycling or walking, and the three-peaked towers of Mount Olomana are hikers’ toughest challenge.

Kilauea also includes the Hollyhe Palace, which dates back to 1838 AD, which is a former royal house, and the Mukuyakawa Church, which is the oldest in Hawaii and dates back to the 19th century, and on Kilauea Bay many wonderful houses made of thatch, in addition to the distinctive boat marina, colorful coral reefs that are located Just off the picturesque Camukono Beach, don’t miss the stunning Farmers Market, Monaeli Waterfalls Trail, and Kilauea Beach Park.

Suggested duration for sightseeing in Hawaii Kailua Kona is 2 days.

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