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Tourism in Mallorca

Tourism in Mallorca

The Spanish island of Mallorca is an island whose shores share the Mediterranean coast with the Balearic Islands archipelago, making it Spain’s largest, most charming and popular tourist island.

The beautiful island has archaeological, historical and natural ingredients that make tourism in Mallorca the best that a tourist can think of when planning to visit Italy. Now, let’s sail together on a trip to the most beautiful places of tourism in Spain.

Bellever Castle
One of the most important and most famous tourist places in Mallorca dates back to the Middle Ages and with more specificity to the 14th century, and is distinguished by its Gothic architecture and location on the top of a hill that reveals the picturesque port and beaches of Palma, as well as a museum and a moat that narrate the history of the city and are among its most famous landmarks.

Alaro Castle
One of the most amazing landmarks that you can visit on the Spanish island of Mallorca, it is a castle located at the highest mountain peak that bears its name and reaches a height of 800 meters above sea level, and is distinguished by its Islamic architecture dating back to the era of Islamic rule in Andalusia and its charming views of the peaks Puig Major and Serra de Tramontata.

City of Palma
It is the main city on the Spanish island of Majorca as the capital and the location of most of the facilities, services and vital installations such as the airport and the main branches of the stores that display the most famous brands and international designs, specifically in the field of clothing industry, cafes and high-end restaurants, in addition to the picturesque natural features such as bays, beaches, mountain ranges, parks and forests.

Caves of the Dragon or Dale Drac
One of the most amazing natural attractions that can be visited while tourism in Mallorca is one of the most famous and oldest cave chains in Majorca, Spain, with its age dating back to the Miocene era and its discovery dating back to the nineties of the nineteenth century.

The Caves of Del Drac, known as the Four Dragon Caves, are distinguished by their depth of up to 25 meters and length of up to 4 km and the lake through which they run and witness annual musical celebrations.

Salpovera Park
One of the most beautiful landmarks on the island of Palma de Mallorca, where you can enjoy watching the wild animals that Mallorca is famous for in its natural environment, while enjoying the beauty of the views of migratory birds.

Soller train
It is one of the most important activities recommended to do during tourism in Mallorca, as the train is a mobile tourist attraction dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, and the train is distinguished by its structure made of copper and wood and its long journey between the cities of Palma and Soler, where you can enjoy a quick tour between the most beautiful and most important landmarks of Mallorca.

Baths of Andalusia
One of the first tourist places in Mallorca to visit during the tourism trip in Mallorca thanks to its distinctive architectural design and carved columns dating back to the era of Islamic rule in Andalusia.

Mallorca Museums
The island of Majorca in Spain is famous for its annexation of a series of historical and cultural art museums, which attract the attention of tourists from everywhere to Majorca.

Perhaps one of the most famous art museums on the Spanish island of Mallorca, which displays the paintings, sculptures and belongings of the most famous international artists such as Picasso, Salvador Dali and Jean Miro, museums of contemporary Spanish art and the Mori de Sant Martí in Palma, the Fondasio Pilar Ion Miró Museum in Cala Major, in addition to the Museum Museo de Mallorca, which reviews the island’s history spanning civilizations.

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