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Tourism in Rize

Tourism in Rize

The city of Rize is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, due to the tourism diversity it enjoys. The city of Reza is located in northern Turkey on the eastern side, overlooking the Black Sea coast.

It is one of the important tourism destinations in Turkey, as it is characterized by its charming nature and its natural landscapes that captivate hearts and catch eyes.

The city of Reza is famous for its cultivation of tea, as it is considered the first source of tea in Turkey, both internally and externally, and it was called the city of tea due to its reputation for cultivating and exporting tea.

Tourism in Rize Turkey
The city of Reza in Turkey embraces many tourist areas to spend the most beautiful tourist holiday imaginable, and here we advise our brothers, Arab tourists to visit this city, as they go to Trabzon to spend their holidays knowing that Risa is very close to Trabzon, so they can add it to the schedule of tourist places that they plan to visit and will be happy with that.

We can mention to you the most beautiful tourist places in Rize, which are:

Ayder village, Turkey
The village of Ayder Yaylası, located on a green plateau belonging to the state of Reza in the north of Turkey, attracts large numbers of Arab tourists and local residents for tourism in Ayder

The farms and waterfalls extend for long distances, and the flowers, lush trees, gardens and orchards cover large areas of the village. It is also surrounded by the Ayder plateau, valleys, plains and high mountains that add to the splendor of this place

Ayder mineral baths
These baths are located in the valleys of the village of Ayder, which are characterized by a charming green nature, and contain hot mineral water used in the treatment of skin, bone and other diseases, or for prevention and recreation.

Black Sea coast
You can stay in one of the luxurious hotels and resorts of the city of Reza Turkey or one of its country houses located on the coast of the Black Sea, which is characterized by the purity and beauty of its beach, where it is recommended to spend the summer vacation in it and enjoy the beauty of the city coast

Galen Tulu Falls
The hot waterfalls of Galin Tolo are considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls that can be seen, as they pour from the Eder Mountains in Rize Turkey, to increase the beauty and charm of the region. These waterfalls pour their hot water into the Eder baths, where they are used in many therapeutic aspects.

The summit of Chagran Kaya Risa
One of the tourist places in which the city of Riza is famous in Turkey is the summit of the Chagran Kaya mountain, which is a mountain top covered in white, covered by snow and clear clouds, giving it a wonderful appearance.

Risa Castle
Rize Castle is one of the tourist places in Turkey, and the castle is located on a hill covered with plants located in the southwest of the Turkish city of Rize

Vartina Darcy River
A wonderful river that passes through the Turkish region of Rize is characterized by its clear water and the wonderful environment it provides, on both sides of the river there are a group of cafes and restaurants that provide an atmosphere befitting the romance and charm of the place, in addition to the presence of several sports clubs through which you can practice rowing for adventure lovers.

Village and Chat Valley
The village of Chat (Turkish: Çat Köy) is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Rize Turkey, and this village is located among a group of high mountains covered with green trees, and is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and tranquility. As for the Chat Valley, it is the most beautiful spot in this village and is located near it

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