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The best tourist destinations in May 2017

The best tourist destinations in May 2017

The best tourist destinations in May 2017

We receive during the hours of May of this year 2017, which is the month that completes the biography of the spring semester of this year, in which the proposed tourist packages vary.



During the month of May, the climate is mild in most tourist destinations, and we chose three distinct destinations, all of which are a great choice for a suitable tourist vacation.

The selection was made based on the mild weather and the diversity of tourism activities and programs, in addition to the evaluation of many tourist destinations and sites for these places.




A visit to Thailand during the month of May allows you to enjoy a mild warm climate and go to most of the tourist attractions that are all open during this month.

Similan Islands is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations that we recommend to you in the month of May, and it is the best diving destination in Thailand, and you can ask for expert diving assistance.

On this visit, you can also head to Turtle Island, or Koh Tao, where you can dive and see a wonderful variety of marine species such as coral reefs and turtles.



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Romania’s gardens bloom during this month, and are decorated to receive tourists with a big smile and rare natural aromatic scents, making just a walk in the country a real pleasure.

In Romania during the month of May there are many folk festivals, for clothes, food, and perfume, in addition to the annual festival of horse racing.

You can also visit Huristo Park, a large park located on the northern side of Bucharest, the capital, with an area of ​​1.1 km, where you can see many rare flowers and plants.

The Romanian Theater also begins its annual season during the month of May. It is a theater where concerts are held and is located in the center of Bucharest and is an important historical landmark.



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Morocco, West, sunset
If you wish not to leave the authentic Arab and oriental atmosphere, the Kingdom of Morocco welcomes you in the month of May, where many distinctive tourist events await you.

The climate is more than wonderful in Morocco during this time of the year, where the warm weather prevails over most of the tourist areas, with cool breezes sometimes.

The city of Fez is the first in our list of nominations, and it is a historical city of first-class tourism, and there are many shops and restaurants.

But if you are a fan of desert and safari trips, this month is suitable for visiting Erg Chebbi, which is a group of dunes in the desert and rises about 150 meters to form a kind of unique sand colored orange.