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The best tourist cities in Zimbabwe

The best tourist cities in Zimbabwe

The best tourist cities in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has an impressive array of unique natural ingredients, and exotic wildlife. As well as ancient historical sites, world heritage areas, and world game reserves, which attract thousands of tourists annually. Here are 7 of the most beautiful tourist cities in Zimbabwe, we advise you to visit them during your tourist vacation:



Tourism in Harare

Harare is the largest city in Zimbabwe and is the capital. It includes many charming landscapes, and wonderful tourist attractions. It is home to several parks and is called the “Zimbabwe Garden” or the “City of the Rising Sun”. It is located in the northeastern part of Zimbabwe.

Harare allows its visitors to do many wonderful recreational activities, the most important of which are safari trips in the Mokovisi Woodlands, watching wild animals and hunting them from baby elephants and lions, as well as visiting the Coimba Cherry Bird Park, as well as taking a day trip to Shona Caves. And do not forget to go to the Chabongo Sculpture Garden, Harare Gardens, the National Gallery, as well as the National Herbal and Botanical Gardens to protect flowers and trees, and many other beautiful tourist attractions.



Tourism in Bulawayo

Bulawayo is known as the “City of Kings” and is the second largest city in Zimbabwe. It is one of the famous tourist places in Zimbabwe. It is located at a high altitude and has undulating hills.

The main attraction of Bulawayo is Matobo National Park, which is considered one of the oldest houses of human civilization, as evidenced by the paintings in the caves. This park has amazing rock formations of various sizes and attracts rock climbers. As well as watching black eagles, and discovering wildlife. In addition to visiting the Natural History Museum, as well as going to the Khami Ruins, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Great Zimbabwe Ruins


Tourism in Kwekwe

Kwekwe is located at an altitude of 1220 meters, and it is one of the wonderful tourist cities, which has gentle slopes, which give a distinctive charm to its natural landscapes, as it is one of the important tourist destinations that tourists visit.

One of the most important recreational activities that you can enjoy in the city of Kwekwe, is to visit the National Mining Museum, which displays the mining heritage of Zimbabwe since the colonial era. As well as taking safari trips in the city, which enables you to explore the Samour Chemical Company, which makes fertilizers for crops, rhinoceros, lions and African elephants, in addition to going to Simonyi Gardens.



Tourism in Qinhui

Chinhui is located along the banks of the Manyam River, which makes it a special charm, and it is considered one of the most important and visited cities in Zimbabwe. There are many recreational activities and exciting sports, that you can enjoy within the city of Qinhui. Perhaps the most important is to take a day trip to the Qinhui Caves, which are limestone and dolomite caves, surrounded by lush greenery.

You can also explore its wildlife and parks, as well as visit the natural swimming pool inside the caves, which is an experience full of exciting adventures, which is one of the most impressive attractions in Zimbabwe. This is in addition to exploring many types of birds.



Tourism in Gweru

Gweru is a growing city and a gateway to Zimbabwe’s natural attractions. It is an amazing area that is unknown to many, though it has great tourist attractions to explore.

In the city of Gweru, you can enjoy many wonderful recreational activities, including an exciting safari trip in Antelope Park, and enjoy watching elephants, zebras, lions and others. As well as visiting the Aviation Museum, where you can learn about Zimbabwe’s military history, in addition to visiting Antelope and Whitewaters Park, and the Insukamine Ruins, it is really a city worth visiting.



Tourism in Kariba

The city of Kariba is located in northern Zimbabwe, in a valley near an artificial lake of the same name. It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Zimbabwe, which is frequented by tourists. And there are many hotels and restaurants, and the city is famous for the fish called “Carp Bream”.

The most important recreational activities that you can do in the city, is to visit Lake Kariba, that pearl as yet unexplored. It is the largest man-made reservoir in the world, and the lake includes many marine fish such as capenta and tiger fish, in addition to other aquatic animals that live in the lake such as Nile crocodiles and hippopotamuses. As well as watching the wonderful wildlife of elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, tiger and many more.



Tourism in Masvingo

Masvingo or as it is called “Great Zimbabwe”, is an abandoned city that was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Zimbabwe. It was a royal palace for the Zimbabwean kings, and the most important thing it is famous for is its high walls, some of which are five meters high. It is one of the most important historical archaeological sites in the country that we advise you to visit.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing you can enjoy inside Masvingo, is to take a wildlife safari in Gonarezu National Park, as well as take a day trip to Lake Kyle Theme Park.

Tips before traveling to Zimbabwe
When deciding to travel in Zimbabwe, you should have a good plan to enjoy your holiday in the magical wonderland. Here are the most important tips that will help you spend your vacation safely and without any obstacles:

Make sure you carry enough cash

Make sure you have enough US Dollars to cover your Zimbabwe vacation costs. This is because withdrawing cash from a bank or ATM is not something you can count on, and neither credit cards nor travellers’ cheques are accepted. And don’t forget to bring papers

From the small denomination of the tip, which is the norm for the services you receive.

be safe

The Zimbabwean capital, Harare, and many other areas of the country have a high level of crime. So be careful when going out at night if you are alone or with friends.

Avoid taking pictures in government facilities

It is forbidden to take pictures of armed forces, police officers, or anything political from demonstrations or speeches. As well as any pictures of airports or official buildings and embassies, don’t do this to avoid getting into trouble.

Carry your identity everywhere

You must carry any proof of identity, such as a copy of your passport or ID, anywhere you go in Zimbabwe.

Do not use tap water

It is recommended to drink from bottled mineral water, and to avoid drinking from contaminated tap water. Do not put ice cubes in your drinks in restaurants because it is from tap water.