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Tourism in Argentina is a tourist country that deserves your visit

Tourism in Argentina is a tourist country that deserves your visit

Tourism in Argentina is a tourist country that deserves your visit

Tourism in Argentina is full of adventures that raise the percentage of adrenaline, as it is a paradise for travelers and includes a wide range of natural wonders, vibrant cities and diverse cultures. As well as being home to the tango, the most popular Argentine dance around the world.


Argentina is also blessed with a diverse cultural, artistic and architectural heritage. In addition to its different terrains, from harsh deserts, wet jungles, long ocean beaches to the towering Andes, theme parks such as Los Glaciares, penguins, glaciers and many more.

Tourism in Argentina

Discover tourism in Argentina
Argentina is characterized by colorful arts districts, picturesque Iguazu Falls, wonderful wildlife and many other tourist attractions. Here is a comprehensive guide on tourism in Argentina, important information about it and the best tourist cities in it, in addition to the most important tips that can help you before traveling…
Best places to stay in Argentina

Argentina has a group of the most luxurious hotels with international specifications, which meet all the requirements of luxury and relaxation that guests need during tourist holidays… Read more about the best hotels in Argentina.



Where is Argentina located?
Where is Argentina located?

Argentina is located in the southern part of the South American continent. Argentina shares its borders with five countries: Olivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.

Best time to travel to Argentina
The best time to visit Argentina is during spring (October to mid-December) and autumn (April to mid-June). This is where the temperatures are moderate, allowing you to practice all the different tourism activities in Argentina. It is worth noting that:

Northern Argentina
The Iguazu Falls region is generally very tropical with warm and humid weather. This makes it a great place to visit all year round, but it is in full splendor during the summer (December-February). In the west, the average temperatures are around 17 degrees Celsius, which allows you to go to the desert to enjoy a safari trip in mild weather, especially in the winter “June-August”.



Central Argentina
The warmest months in the region are December, January and February, when you can explore the country and do a lot of fun outdoor activities. During the winter, it gets colder and the chances of precipitation are more. Mendoza also has a Mediterranean climate, which makes it ideal for year-round travel.

Southern Argentina
The months from December to March are the best months to travel to southern Argentina. This is where the perfect time to enjoy glaciers and floating icebergs. Avoid traveling to southern Argentina during the winter season (from July to August), as flights are sometimes canceled. While autumn is also a great time for tourism in the country. Patagonia and the southern Andes are best visited in the summer (December to March), when the days are longer and warmer.

The language in Argentina
The Spanish language is the official language used in the State of Argentina, and there are many other languages ​​spread in the country, including: “Italian language, Levantine Arabic, German, Yiddish, Guaraní language, Catalan language, Japanese language, English language, French language, Welsh language.



Argentina tourist visa
Argentina tourist visa

There are a set of documents and papers necessary to obtain a visa to travel to Argentina, here are the most important papers and conditions necessary to obtain an Argentina visa:

Apply for an Argentina visa, fill it out electronically and sign it.
Citizens of Oman and Bahrain can apply for an electronic travel authorization “ETA” provided that they have a Schengen tourist visa “C” or an American visa “B2”.
A passport valid for at least six months, with at least two blank pages.
Proof of ability to spend for the duration of the trip in Argentina.
Pay the Argentine visa fee of $200.
Two recent passport size photographs with white background.
Proof of accommodation or hotel reservation for the duration of the trip in Argentina.
Provide proof of residency in your country, such as a gas, electricity or telephone receipt in your name.
The ideal period for tourism in Argentina
The ideal period of tourism in Argentina is about two weeks, which is enough time to enjoy exploring more attractions and places to visit. Here, we suggest you a program for travel and tourism in Argentina, which you can modify according to your desire:

Day 1: Explore the gardens of Argentina
Go to the wonderful gardens in Argentina and enjoy their beauty, such as the botanical gardens, Japanese gardens, and rose gardens. Then wander the streets at night and enjoy the lively nightlife.

Day 2: Heading to Buenos Aires
Explore the Argentine capital, and head to the historic center of the city, Plaza de Mayo, and Elca

The Basra, as well as Casa Rosada, is a wonderful downtown area.

Third day: Visit the city of Calafat
This is where you take a river cruise on the Perito Moreno glacier, and contemplate the surrounding landscape.

From the fourth day to the seventh day: Heading to the city of Bariloche
To do many fun activities such as walking the Bariloche Promenade, going to the Circuit Chico and Lago Gutierrez, walking around the lake area and riding bicycles.


From the eighth to the tenth day: visit the Iguazu Falls
Head to enjoy the natural wonders of Argentina, represented in the amazing Iguazu Falls, and watch them from the Brazilian side and the Argentine side, and have a look at the wildlife around the Iguazu Falls.

From the eleventh to the twelfth day: visit Cologne
So discover the stunning architecture of Cologne Palace, wander the streets and see colonial homes, and visit the Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament. It is one of the distinguished tourism cities in Argentina and is worth a visit.

From the thirteenth to the fifteenth day: Return to Buenos Aires
So visit the historic La Boca district with its brightly colored buildings, live tango and art galleries, and La Recoleta Cemetery which is home to more than 6,400 statues and sarcophagi.

Then take a stroll down Art Street Palermo Soho, and try traditional Argentine street favorites. In addition to visiting and exploring the Argentine stadiums in the Pampas, shopping from its wonderful markets and finally preparing to return home.

How much does tourism cost in Argentina?
Here are the average prices for tourism services and leisure activities in Argentina, so you can adjust your tourism budget:

The average cost of a flight to Argentina (from all airports) ranges between (878 and 1360) US dollars per person for economy flights.
The average cost of a flight to Argentina for a single traveler ranges between (2757 to 4270) US dollars for first class.
The price for a one-week trip to Argentina is $1,331 per single traveler.
The average cost of a trip to Argentina for a week for a couple is 2,254 USD per couple.
The average hotel prices in Argentina range between (39 to 196) US dollars per night.
Most hostel rentals in Argentina range from $60 to $350 per night for the whole house.