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Tourism in Sudan, the country of the two Niles, is a tourist place worth visiting

Tourism in Sudan, the country of the two Niles, is a tourist place worth visiting

Tourism in Sudan, the country of the two Niles, is a tourist place worth visiting

Tourism in Sudan is an undiscovered hidden gem in the continent of Africa. Although it is the largest African country, it is also the least visited. Sudan is characterized by the wonderful natural bounties that distinguish it and make it a tourist destination worth discovering, as well as distinguished archaeological and historical sites.


Sudan abounds with water bodies such as the Red Sea, the Great River Nile, and waterfalls. In addition to the golden desert, rich wildlife, botanical gardens, theme parks, high mountains, unique remote islands, museums, hotels, restaurants and much more is waiting for you to discover.

Tourism in Sudan

Discover tourism in Sudan
Sudanese people are very friendly with visitors. You can also enjoy many fun activities, including diving in the Red Sea in the west, exploring coral reefs and marine treasures, wading in the sand, visiting archaeological sites such as the Meroe pyramids, hiking in the botanical and wild gardens, and many more. Here is your comprehensive guide to tourism in Sudan.

The best hotels in Sudan

Sudan has many distinctive hotels with luxurious designs – surrounded by many of the most important tourist sites that make you feel comfortable and recreation… Read more about the best hotels in Sudan.



Where is Sudan located?
Where is Sudan located?

Sudan is located in the continent of Africa, in the Nile Basin region. It is bordered by many countries on the western side, Ethiopia and Eritrea, and it is bordered on the north by Egypt and Libya. It is also located to the east on the borders of Chad and the Central African Republic.

The best time to travel to Sudan
The best time for travel and tourism in Sudan is during the months (December to February), that is, when the temperatures drop, as Sudan is a very hot and dry country. It is worth noting that:

Winter in Sudan is from the month (December to February)
It is the ideal time for tourism in Sudan, where the temperatures are moderate, with chances of rain and snow falling in a small amount that does not hinder wandering in the open air, and exploring its most prominent landmarks. Winter is the second busiest season for tourists.



Spring in Sudan is from the month (March to May)
Spring has its warm weather in Sudan, which makes it one of the best times to visit Sudan. The temperature in the spring ranges between (14 – 35.3) degrees Celsius. It is an ideal time to explore the country freely and take the most beautiful souvenir photos of archaeological sites, due to the lack of tourist crowds, so it is one of the low-cost tourist seasons.

Summer in Sudan is from (June to August)
Summer in Sudan is very hot with heavy rainfall, which softens the weather. It is the peak season of tourism in Sudan, and therefore it is the most expensive season.

Autumn in Sudan from the month (September to November)
This time is the low season for tourism in Sudan, where temperatures range between (38.2 – 34.7) degrees Celsius. This is due to the normal amount of snow and rain, but it is the best time to travel for lovers of the fun autumn weather. In addition, hotel rates may be very reasonable.

The language in Sudan
Literary Arabic and English are the two official languages ​​of Sudan. In addition to many other languages, the most famous of which is the Beja language.



Tourist visa in Sudan
Tourist visa in Sudan

To obtain a tourist visa in Sudan, you need to prepare a set of papers and documents. Here are the most important conditions and paper documents for obtaining a Sudan visa:

A valid and valid passport for at least six months, with a color copy of the passport.
Invitation letter with a copy of the identity card of the owner of the residence and his address and phone number.
Proof of hotel reservation in Sudan during the trip.
A recent personal photo with a white background.
Apply for the Sudan visa form, fill it out and sign it.
Round trip air ticket.
Bank account statement for the last three months for the applicant to enter Sudan.
Submit a certificate signed by the employer detailing the traveler’s monthly salary.
A color copy of the local residence permit, with a validity of not less than six months.
All papers and documents are sent via e-mail.
The duration of obtaining a visa for Sudan takes from six to eight weeks.
The ideal period for tourism in Sudan
The ideal period for tourism in Sudan is approximately 10 days, which is enough time to explore the tourist places in Sudan that are worth a visit. Here is a tourist program for a holiday in Sudan that you can modify:

From the first to the third day: visit the city of Khartoum
Start your journey in Sudan from the city of Khartoum, which is a completely safe city. So that you can enjoy exploring a wealth of treasures such as the National Museum, camel markets, Sufi dance ceremonies, exploring the magnificent islands of the mighty Nile, cafes and the Presidential Palace.

From the fourth day: Head to Meroe
Head to Meroe to visit the famous pyramids of Meroe, then camp at Meroe camp next to the pyramids in the middle of the golden desert. In addition to doing safari trips on the sand dunes.

From the fifth to the seventh day: a generous free visit
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