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Tourism in Mexico, the land of magic and beauty

Tourism in Mexico, the land of magic and beauty

Tourism in Mexico, the land of magic and beauty

Tourism in Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. It is distinguished by its picturesque nature and its rich cultural heritage. Mexico also has many wonderful tourist attractions, such as the sparkling sandy beaches on the side of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


This is in addition to the ancient Aztec and Mayan sites in Mexico, and historic colonial cities many of which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition to the wonderful mix between the indigenous people, as well as its vibrant musical and dance traditions, the exquisite taste of Mexican dishes, and many other tourist attractions.

Tourism in Mexico

Discover tourism in Mexico
Mexico is characterized by a variety of tourist attractions, such as arid deserts, lush tropical rainforests, majestic mountains, as well as traditional Pueblo homes. This is as well as the Spanish farms, the wonderful day of the dead festival, and the ancient pyramids dating back hundreds of years. Below I explore more about tourism in Mexico…
Best places to stay in Mexico


Mexico has some of the most upscale and impressive hotels in the world. And that’s where it overlooks the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, or those that make you contemplate in the middle of a charming nature.. Read more about the best hotels in Mexico.



Where is Mexico located?

Mexico is located in the south of the North American continent. It is bordered on the north by the United States of America, on the south by Guatemala and Belize, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico.

The best time to travel to Mexico
It is considered the best time for tourism in Mexico, during the dry season i.e. from December to April. This is where the rains are less, and the days are sunny and warm. It is worth noting that:

Peak tourism season in Mexico (December to March)
Winter is the most popular season for tourists in Mexico, as the weather is much milder. It is the most expensive season in the country. You can enjoy various outdoor activities, and attend the festive Mexican festivities.

Low season in Mexico (from April to May)
Spring in Mexico has pleasant temperatures, with little precipitation, and the cost is low. Although it is the low tourist season in Mexico, it is an ideal time for tourism in Mexico due to the low prices of tours, restaurants and hotels, for those with limited budgets.

Summer season in Mexico (from June to September)
Summer in Mexico is the hottest time ever, with constant rain, and prices in that period are very high. In spite of that, it is the perfect season for lovers of relaxation and relaxation on the beaches and Mexican islands, and practicing all the interesting summer activities.

Shoulder season (September to November)
Autumn is the least favorable season for travel and tourism in Mexico, as these months have the highest risks of hurricanes and storms. Although there is the most famous celebration in the history of Mexico, the “Day of the Dead,” the country is filled with music, costumes, masks and other artifacts.

The language in Mexico
Spanish is the official language of Mexico. Mexico also has the largest linguistic diversity in the world. Nahuatl is considered the original language after Spanish, as well as the Mayan and Zapotec languages.



Tourist visa in Mexico

In order to be able to travel and tourism in Mexico, you must obtain a tourist visa in Mexico. Here are the most important requirements and paper documents needed to obtain a Mexico tourist visa:

Fill out and sign the Mexico Tourist Visa Form.
Pay the tourist visa fees for Mexico, which are estimated at 600 Egyptian pounds, in addition to paying 40 US dollars at the embassy.
A recent bank statement of the last six months with a strong amount in English.
Print the bank statement, but not more than a month before applying for the visa.
A printed and signed certificate from the employer stating the profession, monthly salary and social insurance number.
Commercial register, tax card, and chamber of commerce register for business owners.
All required documents must be translated into English and Spanish by an accredited translation office.
Two recent personal photos with a white background, 2.5 x 3.5
A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
Reservation of round trip airline tickets.
Proof of hotel or accommodation reservations in Mexico for the duration of your trip.
In case of rejection, the amount or part of it will not be refunded.
The ideal period for tourism in Mexico
The ideal duration of tourism in Mexico is approximately 5 days, which is enough time to explore most of the important tourist attractions in the country. Here is a tourist program in Mexico that you can adhere to or modify with what you want to do:

Day 1: Arrive in Mexico City
Mexico City is located at an altitude of approximately 2,200 meters above sea level, so try to adapt to this terrifying altitude, then start visiting the main landmarks in the historical center, and enjoy eating the most delicious

Kolat, then visit the Mexican Metropolitan Cathedral, Palace of Fine Arts Museum, and Chapultepec Park.

Day 2: Visit Coyoacan
Head out to explore the city, go to the Blue House “Old House of Frida Kahlo”, the Anahuacali Museum, the Leon Trotsky Museum and then Hidalgo Square.

Third day: Head to Rome and Condesa
Stroll down Condesa Avenue and enjoy the surroundings. This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Mexico City and is worth wandering around and enjoying the cafes, shops and boutiques, then head to the Mexico Garden, contemporary art galleries, and don’t forget to shop from the multiple malls.



Day 4: Doing exciting cultural experiences
Head to Xochimilco for lively Traginera cruises, then explore home to Diego Rivera’s murals, take a riverboat cruise and admire the views.

Fifth day: adventure day
On this day, after getting used to the altitude, do interesting adventures by visiting Teotihuacan, climbing the pyramids, taking memorial photos, and enjoying watching the impressive professional wrestling matches. Then arrange your personal belongings and prepare to leave Mexico.

How much does tourism cost in Mexico?
You should plan well your budget before traveling to Mexico, to have a perfect holiday without any hassles. Here are the average costs of tourism and leisure services in Mexico:

The average cost of a flight to Mexico (from all airports) ranges from (559 to 903) US dollars per person for economy flights.
The average cost of a trip to Mexico per passenger ranges between (1755 to 2835) US dollars for first class.
The cost of a trip to Mexico for two for one week is approximately 1,180 USD.
The average price for a one-week trip to Mexico is $997 for a single traveler.
The average daily expenditure in Mexico per capita is approximately 84 USD.
Hotel rates in Mexico per night is about 84 USD.
Most vacation rentals average between $80 to $490 per night for an entire home.
The average price for meals per day is $20.
The cost of local transportation per person per day is approximately $13.
The average tip and tip rate in Mexico is $55 million per day.
The average price for a fraud, theft, or mishap in Mexico is $62 million.
The expenditure on bottled water per day in Mexico is 24 SGD.
The average cost of entertainment, activities, and ticket payments in Mexico is $343 million per person per day.