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Tourism in Jubail, the Eastern Province, north of Dammam

Tourism in Jubail, the Eastern Province, north of Dammam

Tourism in Jubail, the Eastern Province, north of Dammam


Jubail is located in the eastern region north of Dammam. Jubail is characterized by a large number of beaches and green spaces, and its beaches are characterized by beauty.


Jubail Corniche

The Jubail Corniche extends on the sea coast, where it is characterized by the presence of some turf trees that give it a unique tourist appearance.

With the aim of stimulating tourism, the Kingdom has worked to provide the finest tourism and entertainment services in the Jubail Corniche, which distinguishes it and makes it a preferred destination, especially among citizens of the GCC countries, who are usually attracted by the city during the holidays.



Palm Beach

Al-Nakhil Beach, located in the coastal governorate of Jubail, is one of the most beautiful and wonderful beaches in the Kingdom, because of its green areas next to the sea. With the time of the Flower Festival, the beach turns into a wonderful bouquet of flowers.

The beaches of Jubail are characterized by large, spacious and green spaces, and the presence of areas designated for children and children’s play areas, meaning they are suitable for families, as well as the presence of public toilets around the beach, the presence of many mosques on the beach, and the presence of many restaurants and cafes that overlook the Arabian Gulf directly, where the fresh air is fresh, and there are no violations Because there are permanent patrols to monitor waste, all beaches are clean.



Fanateer Beach

Al-Fanateer Beach is one of the modern beaches in the city of Jubail. It was developed to increase the percentage of tourism in Jubail, as it has many vital facilities and services. It also has the best types of tourism in the city of Jubail, the tourism of recreational games that are spread on the beach. .

The beach was developed in order to raise the level of tourism in the city and also to increase foreign tourism to it, as it has many vital services and includes a variety of tourism activities. The beach is located near Fahd Road, and it is one of the most important beaches that attract residents and one of the most important activities in Al-Fanateer Beach.



warming park

Al-Dafi Park, located north of Jubail Industrial City, on the northern side of Al-Dafi district, on an area of ​​45 hectares, is the largest green area in the city, and attracts a large number of visitors during the weekend. The park is very popular among local families, and is visited by immigrants and tourists alike.

The Defy Park is characterized by simplicity in design. The park was built in 1404 AH. The Defy Park is home to many trees. The park is filled with amazing 30-year-old trees. During the winter months, visitors can discover some interesting birds while they are in it. The park provides basic facilities such as restrooms, restaurants, and is also popular as a picnic area among the locals.



Jubail Reserve

Al-Jubail Wildlife Reserve is a nature reserve in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the Saudi Wildlife Authority. The reserve contains different types of wildlife, in the wild environment there are red foxes, jackals, several types of rodents, and several types of birds, including two types of canines and several types of lizards and snakes,

In the coastal environments, there are flamingos, types of drakes, seagulls, terns, ducks, herons, cormorants, and Socotras. As for the aquatic environments near the shore, there are many types of invertebrate animals such as snails and crabs, and it is one of the most fertile environments in which the hook-billed turtle and the green turtle live.