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Tourism in England

Tourism in England

Tourism in England


Tourism in England remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for Arab travelers, London is the capital of the United Kingdom and its largest city. You cannot go to England without visiting London and enjoying its beauty that fascinates all its visitors. It is true that it is a city that requires a lot of money to enjoy it. Where restaurants, hotels and many other attractions are a little expensive. But despite its cost, there are a large number of duty-free shops, museums, parks and a lot of free activities.



There are other tourist cities in England, which are Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bath, Leeds, Brighton, Oxford. The territory of England is characterized by being plain, which helped the development of civilization in it and increased its tourism balance among the countries of the world, offering a wonderful mix between rural and urban life. In a manner of consistency and harmony, as it moves the tourist between the ancient world and its antiquities, the modern world and the development and urbanization that it contains. England relies on the tourism sector to supply its economy and national income.

England is the best tourist city in Britain and shares land borders with Scotland in the north, Wales in the west, the Irish Sea in the northwest, the Celts Sea in the southwest and the North Sea in the east, and the English Channel separates it from the European continent in the south. Mainland England consists of the central and southern parts of the island of Great Britain in the North Atlantic Ocean, and also includes more than 100 smaller islands, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight.



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It is bordered to the north by Scotland, and to the west by Wales. England is closer to the European continent than any other part of the British Isles. It is separated from France by a strait, the Strait of Dover. The Channel Tunnel links the two states near Folkestone.

England is surrounded by the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and the most important rivers in it are the Thames, Mersey and Tyne. The tides raise the water level in the estuaries, enabling ships to enter the ports. The Severn River is the longest river in England, with a length of 354 km. It flows into the Bristol Canal. However, the popular belief is that the Thames is the longest, although its length is 346 km.

There are many lakes in England, most of them named after the county in which they are located, the largest of which is Lake Windmere, known as the “Queen of Lakes”.



Climate in England
England has a temperate oceanic climate meaning that it is considered temperate with temperatures not much below zero in the winter and no more than 32°C in the summer.

The weather is relatively humid. The coldest months are January and February, particularly on the English coast, while July is usually the warmest month. The months that have warm weather with the least rainfall are May, June, September and October.

England’s biggest climatic influence is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and the warming waters surrounding the Gulf Stream. England gets a very large proportion of rain during the year, especially in the fall and winter.



Conditions for obtaining a British tourist visa
The conditions that we will talk about are valid for all Arab countries on which Britain imposes a visa, so whoever asks about the conditions of Britain’s visa for Saudis, Moroccans or Egyptians…they are the same for all and do not change with the change of nationalities of the applicants.

In general, the conditions for a London visa are as follows:

The person proves that they will leave the UK once the period specified on the visa has expired.

To prove that he is able to support himself or any of his dependents for the duration of his stay in London or Britain as a whole.

Provide a travel plan or itinerary (i.e. everything related to travel such as booking airline tickets, hotel…).



Provide proof of any business or other activities the person wants to do in the UK if they wish to undertake a business visit.

If a person wants to travel to Britain to do scientific and academic research, he must provide evidence that he is highly qualified in his field of expertise.

For those who want to receive treatment in Britain, they must prove that they need advice or special treatment in Britain, prove that they have paid for arrangements for examinations or treatment, and also prove that they have enough money to pay the cost of treatment, including return costs, and prove that they will leave country once treatment is completed.

If the person is going to visit one of his relatives, he must provide proof of the relationship between him and that person.



Best time to visit England
Thanks to the mild climate, visiting England all year round is fun. Summer is the peak tourism season, during the summer temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Although the tourist places are teeming with tourists, the atmosphere is wonderful thanks to the warm weather, in this period there are constantly many events and festivals all over the country

Spring and autumn are great times to visit England, when the temperatures are mild compared to the rest of the seasons, but be prepared for a little rain here and there.

Winter in England lasts from December to February, and temperatures rarely drop below 5 degrees Celsius. During this time, the tourist crowds are greatly reduced.
It should be noted that some tourist places in the north or in the mountains during this period may be closed.

Best time to visit EnglandFor $160 a day you can stay in a budget hotel, eat at inexpensive restaurants, take some intercity rail trips (if you book early), visit some paid attractions, and take some guided tours.



Tips to save money while traveling to England
Take advantage of free museums – Public museums offer free admission in every city across England and the UK.

R – Book all transportation in advance, even if you don’t plan to use it. Prices can be around £2.

Take a free walking tour Most major cities in England offer free walking tours. They usually last a few hours and are a great way to see the city.

Eat special lunches – Another way to cut down on your food expenses is to stick to eating only during lunch. Restaurants offer great brunch deals where you can get multi-course meals for around £10 (US$13) or 2 for one front pizza special.