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Tourism in Jeddah

Tourism in Jeddah

Tourism in Jeddah

Jeddah is considered one of the best tourism cities in Saudi Arabia. The city of Jeddah is nicknamed the Bride of the Red Sea and is characterized by being located on the shore of the Red Sea. The city is characterized by the presence of the best tourist places in Saudi Arabia, its beautiful hotels and amazing food.



1- Jeddah Corniche

The Jeddah Corniche extends along the coast of the sea, which the city overlooks. The visitor of the Jeddah Corniche can guarantee a stunning view of the Red Sea. The Corniche and Jeddah include many cafes, restaurants and shops, and it can provide the visitor with everything he needs and through it he can see the wonderful King Khalid Fountain. This Corniche is one of the most Tourism areas in Jeddah attract tourists from home and abroad in Jeddah

It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Jeddah because of the charming nature of the sea and the atmosphere that makes you feel happy where you can take the most beautiful souvenir photos, as well as there is a children’s play area, many shops, and there are also places dedicated to fishing and some beach sports.



2- King Fahd’s Fountain

King Fahd’s Fountain is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jeddah, located in front of the city’s shores on the western shore of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea. It is the tallest fountain in the world, built in the style of the “Jet d’Eau” fountain in Geneva, Switzerland, which is its most famous landmark.

Built at the height of the Statue of Liberty, it is one of the tallest fountains in the world. It pumps water hard and fast at up to 233 miles per hour.

The fountain is illuminated by more than 500 ultra-glow spotlights during the night that are designed to withstand thousands of tons of water falling from very high altitudes. It is considered one of the most attractive places for people coming for tourism in Jeddah



3- Iceland Entertainment Group

The Ice Land Entertainment Group in Jeddah is a high-level entertainment center that can provide visitors with happy times. It offers entertainment services for young and old and is located in the Al-Zahra district in Jeddah. Ice Land includes a group of electronic games, a ski hall and a bowling alley. The park also contains a group of restaurants, cafes and shops To sell gifts.

The center is considered one of the most famous entertainment places in Jeddah, suitable for families, as it offers another form of amusement park, as it contains several floors with game halls, where you will find: – Ice skating halls. Bowling halls – billiard halls – thrilling games hall and video hall – football field. The center also includes Arab, eastern and western restaurants, and shops that include the best international brands to have an enjoyable entertainment and shopping experience.



4- Fakih Aquarium

If you are a fan of watching aquatic life and enjoying looking at its various types, Fakieh Aquarium is the most suitable choice for you as it includes large aquariums of fish ranging from small to large, such as sharks, seals, grouper and seahorses, including 200 different species of aquatic life, as well as There is a hall where shows of dolphins and sea dogs are held, there is also a playroom for children,

You can also go skating in the dedicated hall on the premises. Fakieh Aquarium Jeddah is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Jeddah for families in particular, as it takes visitors on a distinguished trip to the world of the seas between the wonderful passages that reveal to you a variety of distinctive marine creatures that are incomparable, and also offers skiing in the hall designated for that, You can also buy beautiful souvenirs from the site store. … Read more about Fakih Aquarium



5- Desert Sea Divers

Desert Sea divers in Jeddah are considered a privileged site for diving enthusiasts, through which they can see what is contained in the depths of the Red Sea and see its hidden sea creatures and others with the presence of specialized escorts and trainers. It is considered one of the most important destinations for tourists to practice diving.

Where the Red Sea is characterized by various types of fish, aquatic life, and coral reefs abound, visitors enjoy practicing this sport, a full crew is available for training in diving, and you can rent a boat and diving tools, and there are shipwrecks at the bottom and passing whales, sharks and dolphins, which makes the spirit of adventure and excitement Alive for divers.