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My Best Travel

High-end hotels that allow you more comfort and luxury.

High-end hotels that allow you more comfort and luxury.

High-end hotels that allow you more comfort and luxury.

The best hotels in Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss city of Basel is filled with a variety of high-end hotels that allow you more comfort and luxury. Its cost varies according to the different capabilities and services provided by each of them… Read more about the best hotels in Basel Switzerland.



The best time to travel to Basel, Switzerland
The best time for travel and tourism in Basel, Switzerland, is from “May to October”. This is because it is the warmest month in Switzerland and ideal for tourism in the city. This is where you can roam and visit the most important attractions and sights in the city, without any obstacles and comfortably during perfect weather.



The ideal period of tourism in the city of Basel, Switzerland
The ideal period for travel and tourism in the city of Basel, Switzerland is about 5 days. It is a suitable period for a fun tourist vacation. You can start your trip by arriving at the hotel on the first day, relaxing a little, and then wandering the romantic city streets amid the ancient buildings, visiting the theater and museums. And take a shopping tour among a group of wonderful shops.

You can also enjoy famous Swiss cuisine, stroll through the beautiful city parks, climb bridges and get stunning panoramic views and take the most beautiful photographs. Finally, you can take a cruise on a boat before preparing to travel and return to your country.



Where is Basel located?

Basel is located in the northwestern part of Switzerland, on the banks of the Rhine River. Basel is located at an altitude of 366 meters above sea level.

Its location is considered a link point with the Swiss-French-German border. Basel is 235.9 km away from the Swiss capital, Geneva.



Closest airport to Basel, Switzerland
Basel-Mulhouse-Fribourg European Airport
The nearest airport to the city of Basel is Basel Airport “Basel-Mulhouse-Friborg European Airport”. It is an international airport in the French region of Alsace. The airport mainly features flights to European cities, and serves the city of Basel, Switzerland. The distance between Europort and Basel is about 6.0 km.

The language in the city of Powell, Switzerland
Switzerland has four official national languages, which are “German, French, Italian, Romansh”. German is the most widely spoken language in the country.

The most important tourist places in Basel, Switzerland
If you are planning to travel and tourism in the city of Basel, Switzerland, here are the places of tourism and activities that you can do during your vacation:



old town
Old town in Basel, Switzerland

The Old Town is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Basel, Switzerland. The best way to get to know Basel’s old city is to take a walking tour, as it has different sites to visit and have a fun day out.

It is a relaxing place where you can walk around and explore the architecture of Basel. Also enjoy the colors of the City Hall, the old city walls, and its three unique and surviving gates. In addition to the brightly painted fountains, the world’s smallest museum “The Pants Pocket Museum”, and the hanging gardens of the Museum of Cultures. As well as many other buildings dating back to the fifteenth century.