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The park is the most beautiful tourist place in Geneva, Switzerland, a favorite for families

The park is the most beautiful tourist place in Geneva, Switzerland, a favorite for families

The park is the most beautiful tourist place in Geneva, Switzerland, a favorite for families

Botanical Gardens in Geneva

The Botanical Gardens are located on the shore of the West Lake in Geneva. It is one of the delightful tourist areas in Geneva, and attracts thousands of visitors and tourists alike annually, to enjoy its wonderful and calm atmosphere, and to do a variety of different recreational

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Wander through an array of enchanting landscapes, discovering more than 14,000 different species of plants from all over the world. As well as more flowerbeds, ponds, and beautiful rose gardens, in addition to more than six million species of herbs. It also has a wonderful zoo, it is an ideal tourism destination in Geneva Switzerland for families.



Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the shining star among the tourist places in Geneva, Switzerland. This is due to the fantastic landscapes that surround it. As well as the opportunity to go on a fun and interesting cruise.

There are many things to do in Lake Geneva, including swimming in the many beaches, and exploring the lake on one of the regular boats that connect Geneva to Lausanne, Montreux and other lakeside cities. You can also enjoy stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, and water skiing, and you can even ride on historic steam ships.



Watergate Geneva

Water Gate is one of the most famous places to visit in Geneva. Always high on tourist lists for its splendour, no trip to Geneva is complete without a visit and view of this water jet.

The jet plane is launched at an altitude of 140 meters in the air and has been part of the Geneva landscape since 1886. It combines with the list of tourist attractions on the lakeside of Baby Beach, Flower Clock and English Garden. It is a wonderful outdoor nature gallery in Geneva that must be explored. But if you get too close, you will almost certainly get wet, as more than 500 liters of water are pumped out every second, so pay attention.



Open air cinema in Geneva

One of the fun things to do with your family in Geneva is to watch a movie in the open air on the shores of Lake Geneva. So be sure to try it during your vacation in this sparkling spot in the skies of Switzerland. Make sure you book your summer movie tickets in advance before coming to Geneva, because they’re always full.



Park and Zoo “Le Boir de la Batie Park & ​​Zoo”
Park and Zoo in Geneva

This park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Geneva, Switzerland, a favorite for families. This is where it offers many fun recreational things, and includes a large playground and a safer and free paddling pool.
The park also has a free zoo, which is the perfect way to see some of the local animals, which are difficult to see in the wild such as mountain ibex, as well as various birds, deer and pygmy goats.



Try the real Swiss chocolate
Chocolate Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for the finest quality chocolate, which tastes the best in the world. So take the opportunity during tourism in Geneva, Switzerland, and try the special Swiss chocolates.

There are plenty of chocolate tasting options when you are in Geneva, with local produce and assorted chocolate bars, handcrafted chocolates, dark chocolates and much more. Make sure to buy different types of them before returning to your country if you are a chocolate lover.