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Tourists in Bruges, Belgium, a tourist experience of a special kind

Tourists in Bruges, Belgium, a tourist experience of a special kind

Tourists in Bruges, Belgium, a tourist experience of a special kind

Tourists in Bruges, Belgium, a tourist experience of a special kind. This city is one of Belgium’s most preserved medieval style, which has been preserved to make it one of the most beautiful European cities. Bruges is very popular with tourists, with more than two million visitors a year.


Thanks to its charming mix of architecture, arts, culture, and museums, it is also famous for its chocolate, beautiful water canals, restaurants, luxury hotels and many other ingredients that made the entire city included in the UNESCO World List, to become one of the tourist cities in Belgium. Explore through this travel and tourism guide in Bruges, Belgium…



The best hotels in Bruges, Belgium

Your accommodation options in Bruges, Belgium, are many and varied, as it includes many hotels and villas that provide the best and finest hotel services that tourists are looking for. As well as the amenities and their distinctive locations near the city’s tourist attractions for easy transportation during your vacation… Read more about the best hotels in Bruges, Belgium.



The best time to travel to Bruges, Belgium
The best time for travel and tourism in Bruges, Belgium, is during the late spring and summer, that is, in the months between “May to August”. This is where the weather is warm and ideal for tourism and exploring the country on foot.

As well as carrying out a very large number of recreational activities, experiences and enjoyable tourist adventures in those ideal climatic conditions. In spite of this, tourism in those months is the most expensive, as it is the most famous peak of tourism in Bruges, Belgium.



The ideal period for tourism in Bruges, Belgium
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Bruges, Belgium, is approximately three days. You can start your journey by wandering the lively streets of Bruges, taking a boat trip along the canals of Bruges, relaxing in the lake of love, watching romantic bridges, and swans swimming in the water.

And don’t miss a taste of the original Belgian chocolate, for which the city is famous around the world. And learn about some exotic products like massage chocolate and chocolate inhaler. Also, during your vacation, you can climb the Belfort Tower to enjoy great views, wander among the windmills to take souvenir photos, and listen to local Belgian legends.


Where is Bruges?

Bruges is located in northwestern Belgium in the Flemish province of West Flanders. It is located at an altitude of 13 meters above sea level. Specifically near the mouth of the Zwen River, into which the Rio River flows. Bruges is 101.4 kilometers from the Belgian capital, Brussels.



Oostende-Brugge International Airport
Ostend Bruges International Airport is the airport closest to the city of Bruges in Belgium, and the airport serves Bruges and Ostend. Ostend Bruges International Airport is 32.5 km from Bruges.

The language in Bruges, Belgium
Dutch, French and German are the three official and spoken languages ​​of Bruges, Belgium. In addition to many other minority languages, the most widely spoken is Belgian Dutch.