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The most important tourist places in Bruges, Belgium

The most important tourist places in Bruges, Belgium

The most important tourist places in Bruges, Belgium

There are many tourist places in Bruges, Belgium that are worth a visit. Learn the following about tourism in Bruges, Belgium, and the 9 most important tourist places worth visiting during your vacation:



Choco-Story Museum
Choco Story Museum Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is famous for its delicious chocolate, so your tourist trip is not complete without trying and tasting the best chocolate, as well as visiting the Choco Story Museum, which is an important attraction in the city. The museum provides a wealth of information on how cocoa beans were grown, and enjoy learning about its centuries-old history.

From the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, to the original European chocolatiers. You can see more than 1,000 pieces of historical chocolate, through which you will learn how Belgium became the chocolate capital of Europe. Then conclude your visit with sampling a variety of fine Belgian chocolate.



The Minnewater Bridge
Minwater Bridge, Bruges, Belgium

The beautiful city of Bruges is characterized by its wonderful canals, and Lake Minnewater is a wide canal known as the “Lake of Love”. It is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Bruges, Belgium, that attracts tourists and visitors to it constantly.

Stroll through Minnewater Park amid the vast green spaces, and see the ruins of an ancient castle. As well as a walk across the lake bridge, as legend has it that walking with your partner will lead to eternal love between the two of you! .



Belfry of Bruges
Belfry Tower, Bruges

Belfry Tower is a bell tower dating back to the Middle Ages in 1240 AD, its height is about 83 meters. It is one of the finest bell towers in Belgium, and the building contains a picturesque courtyard “Halle Square”, and the city fathers used the balcony above the entrance, to issue their laws to the public gathered under it.

Climb the narrow, steep staircase to the top, consisting of 366 steps to reach the clock bell tower, and get panoramic views of the city from above. You can also visit the ancient treasure room, and it is worth noting that the tower leans to the east, and the bells in it still chime to this day.



Bruges water channels

Bruges is called the “Venice of the North” because of its many beautiful canals. The Rio River was transformed into a network of canals in the Middle Ages, to facilitate merchants. Today, these canals are one of the most famous and most beautiful places of tourism in Bruges, Belgium.

The canals give you great opportunities to go on a fun cruise, to see some of the most beautiful sites in Bruges, and to see stunning landscapes. Among the most beautiful of these is the “Green Canal” which is the most romantic, as the canal is lined with trees, creepers and elegant seventeenth-century mansions.



Groeninge Museum
Groningen Museum, Belgium

One of the best art museums in Bruges, Belgium, the Groningen Museum is a popular tourist spot in the city. It houses a treasure trove of old Flemish masterpieces such as Jan van Eyck’s masterpieces.

The museum also includes an exhibition of modern art, and an impressive collection of paintings of the ancient city of Bruges, including the surreal “Serenity” by Paul Delvaux, and others, as it includes the most beautiful and most diverse art collections in the world.