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Tourism in Petra, Jordan, is considered one of the gems of Arabia

Tourism in Petra, Jordan, is considered one of the gems of Arabia

Tourism in Petra, Jordan, is considered one of the gems of Arabia


Which offers a lot of adventures and unique experiences. This is where the pink city in Jordan is famous for its multi-colored sandstone, and the original Nabataean architecture carved into the rock. Which made it one of the most archaeological treasures in the Middle East and the world.

As well as what it provides for nature lovers, where hiking over the slopes and through deep valleys and many other elements that made it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Jordan. Explore tourism in Petra, Jordan, through this comprehensive guide, and learn about the most important tourist attractions recommended to visit…



The best hotels in Petra, Jordan

In Petra, Jordan, there is a variety of luxury hotels, that meet all your tourist needs, and suit all tourist budgets. This is in addition to its distinctive views of the most important tourist areas… Read more about the best hotels in Petra, Jordan.

The best time to travel to Petra, Jordan
The best time for travel and tourism in Petra, Jordan, is during the spring. And that is in the period from “March to June”, when the warm temperatures and the shining sun in the sky of Jordan.

This atmosphere allows for a walk to discover the country and its historical monuments, which are included in the UNESCO World List. As well as the possibility of hiking between the mountains, and the practice of a group of the most enjoyable recreational and tourist activities.



The ideal period for tourism in Petra, Jordan
The ideal period of travel and tourism in Petra, Jordan, is approximately three days. Which is enough time to enjoy exploring Petra and its most important tourist attractions. Stroll your first day in the city of red roses, see heritage sites, climb heights, or take part in horseback riding tours. Then explore Wadi Rum and beyond in the protected Wadi Rum desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On your second day, you can try camping in an overnight camp in a Bedouin camp. And on the third and final day check out Little Petra, its facades carved into the rocks, and the triclinium dining halls on a 4×4 safari, or a guided picnic. And don’t forget to eat delicious Jordanian cuisine, and finally you can do a classic Turkish bath, enjoy a steam room and a refreshing massage that helps you relax. Then get ready to leave and go back home.



Where is Petra located?

Petra is located in the Ma’an Governorate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And that in the western part of the desert road, which connects the capital and the city of Aqaba. The city of Petra is 235.0 km away from the Jordanian capital, Amman.




Closest airport to Petra, Jordan
King Hussein International Airport in Jordan
King Hussein International Airport
King Hussein International Airport or “Aqaba Airport” is the nearest airport to the city of Petra in Jordan. The airport is about 124.1 km away from the city of Petra.

The language in Petra
Arabic is the official national language used in the city of Petra, Jordan. And that with the presence of a number of other local languages.