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The most important tourist places in Bern, Switzerland

The most important tourist places in Bern, Switzerland

One of the best tourist attractions in Bern, Switzerland


Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum in Bern, Switzerland

The Museum of Natural History in Berne was established in 1832, and it is one of the best tourist attractions in Berne, Switzerland. This is where the museum has international fame due to its three-dimensional historical diorama. The museum houses more than 200 dioramas, including Barry’s legendary rescue dog Saint Bernard, who has participated in many conservation mountain rescues over the course of 200 years.



You can also see a wide range of mammals and birds in their natural habitat, using about 220 artistically designed showcases. You can see alpine gold, meteorites and giant crystals, lions, gorillas and many more. In addition to the display of bones with a skeleton of a fin whale, and the exhibition of the end of the world. The museum is a real gem that must be explored.

Zytglogge clock tower
clock tower in bern switzerland

The Clock Tower is one of the most prominent and famous tourist attractions in Bern, Switzerland. It is about 800 years old, and its height is 23 meters, and it is decorated with an enormous astronomical clock dating back to 1530 AD.



The clock tower lets you do a 130-step climb, and access the observation deck for great panoramic views of the city from above. This is in addition to enjoying watching a circus of mechanical creatures, through a small and exciting show.

Einstein Museum
Einstein Museum in Bern, Switzerland

The Einstein Museum is the most interesting setting in the Bernese Historical Museum, which combines the Einstein Museum to form the second largest museum in Switzerland. It is one of the wonderful visitor sites that you can enjoy exploring during your tourism in Berne Switzerland.

Discover in detail the presentation of key events in Einstein’s personal and professional life, explaining how he lived, through dozens of original old films, and letters. As well as the Nobel Prize certificate for the year 1921 AD, which was obtained by the venerable scientist. The museum also offers animated films for laymen, to help them understand Einstein’s groundbreaking theories.



Rose Garden “Rosengarten”
Rose Garden Bern, Switzerland

Rosengarten is a large open area located on a hillside, right across the river in the center of Bern. It is one of the most beautiful places of entertainment, which allows you to spend a fun and relaxing time. The area became a public park in 1913.

Rosengarten offers you many opportunities and enjoyable experiences, such as wandering through the many picnic areas and wonderful walking paths, and relaxing in the vast green spaces. You can also discover over 200 species of roses and another 200 species of irises, azaleas and rhododendrons. You can also eat delicious food in the restaurant overlooking the garden amidst beautiful nature and charming ponds.




mount gorten
mount gortenbern

Just south of downtown Bern, Mount Gorten is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Berne Switzerland. It is a high mountain that reaches 864 meters above sea level. There are many trails around the mountain to hike, through flowered meadows and thick forests.

Also check out the free tower climb and enjoy the wonderful view of the breathtaking nature. Moreover, you can climb the mountain and reach the summit, enjoy a 360-degree view, and see the wonderful city with its towers, domes and the Alps. You can also ride the famous funicular, attend lively music festivals, and in winter there are skiing opportunities for children and interesting toboggan runs.