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Tourism in Berne Switzerland is one of the best European tourist destinations

Tourism in Berne Switzerland is one of the best European tourist destinations

Tourism in Berne Switzerland is one of the best European tourist destinations

Tourism in Berne Switzerland is one of the best European tourist destinations, which attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year. This is where it provides its visitors with all amenities and entertainment, as well as its important archaeological monuments, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.



In addition to its fantastic nature, where mountains, hills, and rivers. It is also famous for its rich culture and jazz festivals. In addition to a variety of museums, theaters and many other tourist attractions, which made Bern the Swiss capital one of the best tourist cities in Switzerland. Here is this comprehensive guide, to help you identify the best tourist areas in Berne Switzerland…

The best hotels in Bern, Switzerland

Bern has a distinguished group of luxury hotels, with wonderful decorations and designs. As well as the entertainment and means of comfort and relaxation that tourists are looking for. Also, most Bern hotels are located near the main tourist areas of the city… Read more about the best hotels in Berne Switzerland.



The best time to travel to Bern, Switzerland
The best time to travel and tourism in Bern, Switzerland, is during the period from “May to September”. This is where the weather and temperatures are suitable for tourism and discovery of the city, especially with the rain that makes wildflowers in the Alps Switzerland bloom in May and September.

And that’s where the forests turn shiny gold, and the mountaintops gain a dusting of snow in a gorgeous spectacle. You can also go to the lake shores for harmony and a swim.



The ideal period of tourism in Berne Switzerland
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Berne Switzerland is approximately three days. Start your journey with a walking tour of the Old Town, one of the best old towns in Europe, with its medieval architecture. On the second day go exploring the former residence of Albert Einstein, a quick visit to the Samsun Fountain and the Fountain of Justice, and the Parliament House.

This is in addition to turning amid the snow-capped mountains, visiting the rose garden, the bear pit and the lake. As for your last day in Bern, you can take a shopping tour, buy Swiss cheese and chocolate before departure, and explore the rest of the sights nearby, before heading to the airport for your return.



Where is Bern located?

Berne is located on the Swiss plateau, in the western-central part of the country of Switzerland, along a narrow ring of the Aare River. It is a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the river on three sides, and it rises from the sea by about 542 meters.

Its area is about 52 km. Bern is about 159 km away from Geneva. Berne is about 89 km from Montreux.



Closest airport to bern switzerland
bern switzerland
The nearest airport to Bern is Berne Airport, which is a general regional airport, serving Berne, the de facto capital of Switzerland. The airport is located within the city limits of Belep, and is used to offer scheduled flights to some European cities and many other tourist destinations. The airport is 16.8 km from Berne.

The language in Bern
French is the official language spoken in the Swiss capital, Bern. This is despite the fact that most of the population speaks Bernese German and Swiss German.