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A major and attractive historical site in the city of Maastricht.

A major and attractive historical site in the city of Maastricht.

A major and attractive historical site in the city of Maastricht.



Frithof Holland

Frithof is the vibrant heart of the city, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Maastricht, the Netherlands. There are a variety of delightful major cultural events and festivals held annually, the most important being the Prince’s Carnival in February with lots of brightly colored costumes.

In this square, you can discover many historical buildings, as well as traditional singing and dancing performances, and enjoy this special atmosphere during your vacation.



Efteling Netherlands

Efteling Theme Park is the largest theme park in the Netherlands, offering a fantasy world full of fascinating stories and exciting adventures. It is one of the most important places that we advise you to visit during your vacation in Maastricht. It is an hour’s drive from the city.

It is also considered one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, as it was built in 1952 AD. It is surrounded by a lot of green spaces, and filled with a lot of fun games that are suitable for all ages. Among the highlights are the wooden rides (George and the Dragon), as well as the fairy tale tree, which tells ancient fairy tales to children, and the magical cities and roller coasters, and many other fun games.




Maastricht Caves

Maastricht is famous for housing a group of interesting underground caves, which make you feel the glory of the whole history of these strange and unique passages. Perhaps the most important feature is the subway, which allows you to see beautiful views of charcoal on the sandy walls, dating back nearly two hundred years.

The temperature in the caves is the same in summer and winter (11 °C). You can walk and wander for a distance of 60 meters inside, and enjoy wonderful stories, and discover national artworks in these caves carved in the rock, between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries.



Fun Valley Maastricht
Maastricht art village

Fun Valley Maastricht is a fun and entertaining place to spend a full day of leisure with friends or family. You can do a lot of activities here like barbecue, relax and play. It also has an indoor playground to practice a lot of activities such as walking, jogging and practicing different outdoor sports.

Bonnefantin Museum
Bonnefanten Museum, Holland

Located on the banks of the River Meuse in the center of Maastricht, the Bonnefanten Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Maastricht the Netherlands, with a beautiful, geometric design in the shape of a silver spaceship.

The museum allows tourists to enjoy seeing a lot of creative artwork, with medieval sculptures and ancient Italian, Flemish and Dutch paintings. Next to it are contemporary pieces and art installations, as well as woodcarvings from the 13th to 16th centuries.