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The most important tourist places in Mahe Seychelles

The most important tourist places in Mahe Seychelles

The most important tourist places in Mahe Seychelles

The island of Mahe Seychelles has many wonderful tourist places, here are 8 places we advise you to try and visit during your vacation:


Relax in the most beautiful beaches of Mahe Island
The most beautiful beaches of Mahe Island

Mahe Island is the largest of the inland islands in the Seychelles, boasting a gleaming array of world-famous beaches. The beaches of Mahe range from vibrant resorts, to secluded and secluded ones overlooking the Indian Ocean. Each has its own advantages and charm.

Your trip to Mahe Island is not complete without visiting its beautiful beaches, enjoying all the recreational activities, and exciting water sports such as diving, discovering the rich marine life and picturesque coral reefs, windsurfing, and walking along the beaches surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The most famous beaches are Beau Vallon, Anse Major, Grand Anse, Anse Takamaka and Sunset Beach.



Saint Anne Marianne National Marine Park

Jump and snorkel at Saint Ann Marine Park, the first marine park of its kind in the western Indian Ocean. It was established in 1973, and it is one of the best tourist places on the island of Mahe Seychelles, especially for those interested in exploring the underwater world.

This marine park is located about 5 kilometers from the main island of Mahe, and consists of 6 islands off the coast of the island. It is an ideal place for diving. You can also enjoy a glass boat ride, and get stunning views of Mahe Island. Plus the chance to swim with hawksbill turtles and watch glass-nosed dolphins. As well as having one of the largest seagrass meadows on the granite islands, it’s an exciting experience to do.



Eden Island

Eden Island is an artificial island located off the coast of Victoria, on the east coast of Mahe Island. It is one of the tourist places in the wonderful island of Mahe Seychelles. The island was built during the 2000s, with money from Dubai investors.

It is a complete luxury entertainment complex, which includes everything you need to spend quality time amidst luxury villas, resorts and hotels. A premium marina with luxury yachts, to charter and make an unforgettable sailing trip. In addition to luxury shopping complexes, it is an ideal destination for those seeking luxury and luxury.




Morne Blanc track
Morne Blanc Trail on Mahe Island

The Morne Blanc Trail is located in Morne Seychellois National Park, Morne Blanc is one of the highest peaks on Mahe, giving you the best view of the West Coast. The trail attracts a lot of adventurers, who are looking for stunning views, watching the sunrise or a scenic sunset. It is about 1.6 kilometers long and 630 meters high.

The summit of Morne Blanc can be reached via a short, but steep nature trail hike in about an hour. And enjoy panoramic views like no other, so hiking the Morne Blanc Trail is one of the best experiences to do during a tourist vacation in Mahe Seychelles. You can also hike through rare plants and animals, such as the Seychelles black snail, or do Take a guided tour to learn about the history and nature of the island.