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Tourism in Kelowna Canada is one of the jewels of tourism in Canada.

Tourism in Kelowna Canada is one of the jewels of tourism in Canada.

Tourism in Kelowna Canada is one of the jewels of tourism in Canada.


It is also the third largest metropolitan area in British Columbia, and one of the warmest destinations in Canada. Kelowna offers you a wide range of recreational activities, including boating, relaxing on the beaches, golf courses, skiing in the winter and strolling in the many landscaped parks. Therefore, it is the most famous tourism destination in Canada, which is well worth visiting and exploring.

If you intend to travel and tourism in Kelowna Canada soon, here are 10 of the best fun things and tourist attractions in Kelowna, we advise you to visit during your vacation…



The best hotels in Kelowna, Canada
Best tourism hotels in Kelowna, Canada

Kelowna is home to a diverse selection of the finest accommodation and hotel resorts. In order to choose from among them what suits your budget and capabilities, to enjoy a mixture of pleasure and comfort during your tourist vacation. The hotels in Kelowna are distinguished by their luxurious designs and high-level service facilities. It is also located close to the city’s most prominent attractions… Read more about the best hotels in Kelowna, Canada.


Best time to travel to Kelowna, Canada
Kelowna is a very hot tourist destination during the summer months, and relatively cold during the winter months, although it is milder than most cities in Canada. The best time to travel in Kelowna Canada is during the spring and autumn, when people come to enjoy the lakes and beaches, climb mountains, play golf or ski in the winter.

Where is Kelowna located?


Kelowna is located in south-central British Columbia in western Canada, amid an imaginary array of lakes, mountains, and gorgeous scenery. Kelowna is about 4,258 km from the Canadian capital.

The language in Kelowna, Canada
English and French are the official languages ​​of Kelowna, Canada. English is the dominant language and the first language in the country.



The most important tourist places in Kelowna, Canada
Kelowna has many great tourist places, which are well worth the travel to explore. Here are 10 of the most beautiful attractions and recommended tourist places to visit during your vacation:

Okanagan Lake
lake okanagan canada

Lake Okanagan is the largest lake in the Old Strait Lake chain, with a length of more than 135 km. It is the main recreational playground for locals and visitors alike.


The lake offers tourists clear water sailing, boating, motor boating, parasailing, swimming, and sandy beaches. As well as a variety of cruise options, to enjoy the stunning scenery along the beaches.

Big White Ski Resort
Big white ski resort canada
Big White Resort is one of the most amazing ski resorts in Canada. This is where it is located in the famous Al-Manshi mountains with abundant snow, and its height is about 1.511 meters, which is very suitable for the family.

The resort offers its visitors a distinguished range of recreational activities, in the many ski runs, and the practice of exhilarating winter games, accommodation and dining.