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Kasugai Gardens The lush Kasugai Gardens is an oasis of calm

Kasugai Gardens The lush Kasugai Gardens is an oasis of calm

Kasugai Gardens The lush Kasugai Gardens is an oasis of calm


Kasugai Gardens, Canada

The lush Kasugai Gardens is an oasis of peace and quiet in the heart of the city. It is the perfect place to relax away from the crowds and crowds.

Enjoy in the garden watching the beautiful flowers, and the huge decorative trees. Enjoy hiking in the contemplation of these natural wonders, and take unique souvenir photographs.



Mission Creek Regional Park
Mission Creek Provincial Park, Canada

Mission Creek Provincial Park is a prominent Cleona Canada tourist attraction, ideal for families. To enjoy a fun and enjoyable time amidst a lot of wide green spaces.



The park gives you many wonderful opportunities, to practice a range of the most enjoyable leisure activities such as walking, or jogging in the paths through the trees and along the small stream, enjoying the sight of fish, and cycling.

Summer Land Canada

Summerland is located on Highway 97 on the western shore of Lake Okanagan. It is a scenic area with many orchards, and beautiful fruit trees.


Grab the Summerland Tours brochure, available at the museum or visitor center. Pack a picnic lunch, and visit the 15-acre ornamental gardens. Which includes rose gardens, butterfly garden, and cactus garden. It is also home to a train that offers a unique two-hour journey, on one of the few remaining steam railways in British Columbia.

Vaseux Lake Provincial Park
Tourism parks in Kelowna Canada

Lake Vasox Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful recreational parks, and the most beautiful places to visit in Kelowna, Canada. The lake is about four km long. A haven for birds, it offers the best opportunity to witness unique wildlife.



Discover the park’s fascinating wildlife, such as beaver, deer, muskrat, rabbit, and mountain goat. Also enjoy fishing, as it is home to a variety of fish, such as bass and carp.