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The most important tourist places in Ostrava, Czech Republic

The most important tourist places in Ostrava, Czech Republic

The most important tourist places in Ostrava, Czech Republic


Here is a list of the most important and best tourist places in the Czech city of Ostrava, which we advise you to be part of your next tourist program:

Ostrava Zoo
Czech Zoo Ostrava

This vast zoo is located in a wooded park right in Ostrava, which is the second largest zoo in the Czech Republic. As well as being one of the best entertainment places for families and children in Ostrava.


You can find more than 400 species of animals scattered throughout the zoo, the most expensive animals to be bred are rare species of lemurs, the zoo aims to protect and nurture wildlife.



Ostravis River

One of the best ways to start or end the day in Ostrava, is to take a stroll along the Ostravaís River. The city has developed the banks of the river to make it a worthwhile tourist attraction.



You can rent a boat and head to the river for a fun cruise. You can also go down to the new sports complex on the waterfront, take an inflatable boat, admire the scenery and breathe the fresh air.

Landek Park – Mining Museum
Landic Park Ostrava

Ostrava is proud of the main mining industry in the Czech Republic. The Landic Park Mining Museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic, and if you’ve ever wondered what the experience of exploring an underground coal mine would be, go ahead.


Enjoy exploring this interactive museum, and you’ll learn about the history of mining. And ride the elevator shaft to a generally restored section of the underground coal mine.

The Michael Coal Mine
Coal miner Michel Ostrava

The Michel Coal Mine has become a National Cultural Landmark, nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, and opened to the public in 2000. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Ostrava, Czech Republic.


Today visitors can take a guided tour inside the mine, through the control and survey rooms, drilling sections, worker change areas, and other standard operating points of the mine, and see it as before.