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Zavanoz Park with its beautiful nature and charming landscapes

Zavanoz Park with its beautiful nature and charming landscapes

Zavanoz Park with its beautiful nature and charming landscapes


Zavanoz Garden

Zavanoz Garden is characterized by its picturesque nature, charming landscapes and wide green spaces to allow children to play and run, and you can spend a special time of relaxation and recreation by simply lying on the grass there. To enjoy the beauty of nature there, where children can play and jump from here and there. The cave occupies a vital and distinctive location in the center of the city of Trabzon and extends for a large distance, the length of the cave is more than 4 km.



bebek park

Enjoy seeing the Bosphorus and spending a special day, in addition to seeing your children also enjoying next to you, as it is a fertile place to play amidst a large area of ​​greenery, distinctive games and a decorative fountain in the middle of the garden that brings joy to the hearts of children.

The park is one of the largest recreational parks for children in the summer, and the parks provide all means of safety for the games there, where sand pits prevent children from being injured while playing.

The place also offers many delicious food shops that will appeal to you and ice cream shops that your children will like. A distinctive park of the most beautiful places of entertainment in Turkey.



botanical garden

It was established in 1995 as a memorial garden, then the area was later transformed into a botanical garden to research, promote and protect plant life. In 2002 the garden was opened to the public and in 2003 it was named Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden. Children aged 3-9 can play in the garden and discover the plants on the island at the same time.

The play area includes sandpits, a fountain, an amphitheater, a wooden house, a tunnel, an arboretum, and a discovery island for children aged 9-14 to learn to identify plants.

In addition to this, Trabzon Meydan Park is the perfect recreational place for family outings full of fun and entertainment.



For new couples, the park offers an idyllic romantic setting among the trees, carefully curated green spaces, and fountains with basins, where gurgling water adds a special aesthetic spirit to the view.

Ataturk Square

It is located in the center of Trabzon, specifically in the Black Sea region, and includes many tourist and recreational facilities such as restaurants and shops, as well as famous hotels.

Trees and greenery are spread on both sides of the square, which increases the vitality of the place, as are the seats that visitors resort to to rest. Among the famous square landmarks is the statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state, as well as the famous Uzun Socak Street.



A walk inside Ataturk Square is the most important thing you can do there, enjoy seeing the landmarks of the square such as the statue of Ataturk and the fountains, rest a little on the seats there and take some special pictures.

Choose between the many restaurants and cafes spread in the famous square to try the distinctive Turkish food and unique Turkish drinks, we advise you to try breakfast on the wonderful mornings of the square.