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Month: October 2022

specializes in presenting temporary art exhibitions

specializes in presenting temporary art exhibitions

Musée Rath
Rath Museum
One visit to the Rath Museum will not suffice, so you should make sure to visit every time you visit Geneva, as it is a museum that specializes in presenting temporary art



exhibitions of Swiss and international art, so every time you will discover a different kind of wonderful art and enjoy taking special souvenir photos inside it the place.

The Rath Museum dates back to 1826, so it is one of Geneva’s oldest museums to be dedicated to art exhibitions only. At first it was used as a school for art, cultural meetings and permanent exhibitions, while now it is only used for temporary exhibitions.

Natural History Museum Muséum d’histoire naturelle
Natural History Museum


If you want to spend a fun and useful time with the whole family, you should visit the Natural History Museum, as it differs from any of the Geneva museums, as it is a museum specialized in presenting the stories of space, animals, insects and plants from centuries until the present moment in a very attractive and fun way, where those stories are embodied Stories that talk about the evolution of organisms in presentations accompanied by sound and image, which increases the matter’s magnificence and realism.

The museum provides children with a distinctive play area, where they can enjoy games and wonderful theatrical performances. After you have finished your visit to the various museum halls and enjoy taking unique souvenir photos, you can go to the museum cafe and enjoy wonderful Swiss food and drinks.



Barbier-Mueller Museum
Barbier Muller Museum
The Barbier Muller Museum is one of Geneva’s finest museums, as it houses a large number of pieces that tell stories about primitive, tribal and classical antiquity from around the world, by many artists, most notably Barbier Muller.

The museum is divided into several sections, most notably the section of Antiquity, the Southern Seas, North America and Africa. Within each section, you will find a collection of rare pieces carved or made of fabrics and ornaments.

To find out the location of the Barbier Muller Museum on Google Maps, click here.



International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
A visit to the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is one of the wonderful human experiences that you cannot forget. During your visit, you will be able to learn about all the humanitarian services provided by these institutions to protect humanity, and you will learn about their goals. The museum is divided into 3 main sections, namely, the Defense Department. Human Dignity, the Department of Restoring Family Links, and the Department of Reducing the Impact of Natural Disasters.

Also, during your visit, you can learn about the current role played by the two institutions and follow the latest news on current issues, so you should put a visit to this museum on your itinerary, as it is one of the most visited Geneva museums by tourists from different countries of the world.


Musée d’art moderne et contemporain
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (mamco) is one of the highest rated museums in Geneva on tourist sites, where you will have a truly wonderful and special experience during your visit, as it is one of the best international art references for modern and contemporary art.



The museum is distinguished by the art exhibitions that are held throughout the months of the year, and the entire interior of the museum is changed 3 times a year, so you will see different models and pieces of art every time you visit the museum.

Museums tell about the history and culture of peoples and their artistic tastes, so you should always put visiting museums on your tour schedule, so that you get to know more about the country you are visiting, and get closer to its arts, details and culture of its people, so I make sure to choose from the list of the best Geneva museums, and visit any them to give you an unforgettable experience.

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations

Many people, and one of the most visited Turkish cities for tourists is Mersin.



Many are planning to go to tourism in Mersin, where it has all the tourist ingredients that attract tourists, and one of the most services provided by this city, is the shopping centers, where Mersin malls have all the things that make visitors enjoy a wonderful shopping experience.

The most famous malls of Mersin
Mersin has many malls that offer all the different products that you may need while you are there, and here are the best recommendations.



Forum Mall

Forum Mall is one of the most famous malls of Mersin, as it has many services that anyone may need while going shopping, in addition to the many shops that provide all different products and goods, there are shops for clothes, shoes and cosmetics, all of which are famous international brands.

Among the services that are there as well, there is free air internet throughout the mall, an instant withdrawal machine next to the exchange office, and there is also a large free garden for children, where your children can enjoy there while you shop inside the mall, in addition to providing all the services that people with wheelchairs need. From private bathrooms, corridors and people to help everywhere there is.



The mall is a great place where you can walk around and have a good time while you buy the things you need, and you can get there via Google Maps from here.

Palm City Mersin

Palm City is one of the malls that many people visit to enjoy shopping, as there are many activities that they can do while wandering among the commercial magazines to buy their things, so you find the place always crowded with people, whether they are residents of the city, or tourists coming to visit it.

In this mall there are many restaurants that serve a lot of famous Turkish dishes, and there is also a large cinema that shows the best movies, in addition to there are many places where you can sit to rest while you are wandering inside the mall, so this center got many positive comments by people who They went to it, where they had a good and unique shopping experience.



You can reach this mall via Google Maps from here.


Saya Park is one of the largest Mersin shopping malls, where all the famous and international brands are available as well, so it is a first destination for shopping for many people, and it is also a suitable place to take your children with you to live the fun of shopping and buying, where there are many activities that they can Exercising them, such as riding the train that goes around the mall, entering toy stores, and also having some small fun games that they can play with.

The mall is characterized by providing many services such as the presence of pharmacies for medicines, a private medical clinic for emergencies, free parking, places to babysit and take care of them, a gym, and places to sit and eat restaurants there, which are among the best restaurants in Mersin, in addition to the presence of a security system on the highest level.

You can reach the mall by public transportation in the city such as a bus or taxi, or go with your own car using Google Maps from here.


Novacity Center is one of the most famous and largest of Mersin’s

Novacity Center is one of the most famous and largest of Mersin’s

Novacity Shopping Center
Novacity Center

Novacity Center is one of the most famous and largest of Mersin’s



malls, with an area of ​​approximately 20,000 m², and there are many shops that offer all the products of world famous and Turkish brands as well, in addition to many restaurants and cafes there next to the shops.

This mall is distinguished by its many services that it provides to visitors, as there is free Wi-Fi throughout, small playgrounds for children, and outdoor parking spaces within the mall space. The mall also offers some show parties that you can attend on public holidays.



You can reach the center of Novacity via Google Maps from here.


Sintekaya is a relatively small mall, but it has all the products that anyone might need from clothes, shoes, personal products, etc., in addition to parts of it that display kitchen supplies such as cooking utensils, electrical appliances and modern home furnishings, and there are also places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.



Therefore, Sintikaya is an integrated market and contains anything a home may need, and the prices are very suitable and suitable for all people, in addition to the presence of a special site in the center where you can shop online and buy what you want, where there is a home delivery service on the same day.

You can go to the center with your own car, as there are special parking spaces, and you can get there via Google Maps.

Sully Center

Soli Center is one of the Mersin malls that many residents prefer, as there are many Turkish clothing brands at reasonable and good prices that suit all people. There are many clothing and shoe stores that offer many offers and discounts on their products.



The mall provides all the products needed by all family members, in addition to a store for vegetables, fruits and kitchen supplies. There are also places for children and there are some games, a gym, and parking spaces, in addition to the many restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the mall.

Have you thought while planning a tourist trip in Russia and

Have you thought while planning a tourist trip in Russia and 



Have you thought while planning a tourist trip in Russia and decided to travel in Moscow to give you the opportunity to enjoy a picnic in one of Moscow’s parks? Of course, you have to do this. There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying vast green spaces, clearing your mind and mind of any negative thoughts and starting a new activity, as Moscow does not contain only Moscow amusement parks in which you and your family practice the recreational activity or Moscow shopping malls, but there are distinguished landmarks. Others you can visit in Moscow.



The best gardens in Moscow
In Moscow you will find many distinct and picturesque parks that have been developed over time, and each park has different characteristics that make it unique.

Victory Park

Victory Park is located in the southwest of Moscow, and it represents one of Moscow’s historical parks, as it is a garden and a museum at the same time. In the park, you will find the Victory Memorial, which stands tall and attracts your attention when you enter the park, which has a large area that needs plenty of time to wander.

Therefore, we advise you to go to Victory Park when you visit Moscow to contemplate the history of that country and enjoy a tour of one of Moscow’s distinguished open museums located in the park and enjoy a tour among nature with stunning views. If you are lucky to visit the park on May 9, you will find a wonderful festive atmosphere throughout the park.



If you want to reach Victory Park via Google Maps, click here.

Gorkiy Park

Gorky Park is the most famous park in Moscow, which was established for relaxation and cultural and sports activities. When you arrive, the park will love it as all Muscovites and visitors love it. It is an ideal place to take a wonderful picnic and practice sports such as bowling. Do not miss attending various cultural events and seminars held there such as an open movie theater And if you feel tired, you can sit in a café and drink some refreshing drinks with delicious desserts.

Among the many birds located there, you can enjoy seeing the distinctive features of the park or feeding some squirrels. Do not forget to visit the museums attached to the park, where you will have a great time and rent a boat for an interesting sea picnic or you can get a bike or scooter to wander around the park and if you visit it in the winter you will find it Winter ice rink.
If you want to get to Gorky Park via Google Maps, click here.



Sokolniki Park

If you want to go on a nature tour amid the scenic views, Sokolniki Park is one of Moscow’s gardens, which provides walking paths around the park for a distinctive picnic and watching rare plants and wonderful flowers, as well as seeing different types of animals. It is an integrated park.

Sea lovers can enjoy a picnic in a boat, and do not miss riding a bike and roaming around the park. In winter, skiing is a great sport that you can practice in Sokolniki Park. Sokolniki Park is a center with various cultural events throughout the year. In addition, inside the park there is a husky center And if you have children, they can visit rare animals and birds and spend time in adventure games in children’s playgrounds.
If you want to get to Sokolniki Park via Google Maps, click here.

Alexander Garden

Alexander Garden is one of Moscow’s public gardens and it is located along the western wall of the Kremlin. The garden is filled with different types of wonderful, rare and distinctive flowers, where you find that Alexander Garden is the most wonderful and favorite place for tourists to win a special picnic amidst the views of nature and the cheerful colors of flowers with the pleasure of listening to the sound of purring water Flowing river and large fountain water you will find.



This garden is distinguished and gives you a sense of calm and psychological serenity. It is also characterized by the fact that the garden includes lawns and a number of memorials, such as the monument to (Georgy Zhukov). Therefore, you find this park a tourist attraction for Moscow and has a large audience that prefers it and comes to it at all times, whether in winter or summer.

Aptekarsky Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Moscow

Aptekarsky Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Moscow



Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden
Aptekarsky Ugorod Park

Aptekarsky Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Moscow and Russia. It was founded in 1706 and medicinal plants are grown in it. It is distinguished by the presence of flowers and plants, especially in the spring, when rare species of the best roses and medicinal plants in the world can be seen, and there are streams and towering trees.

Thus, you can win a quiet session in the shade of the trees and stay away from the sun and its heat, as there are comfortable seats to sit around the garden, in addition to that, there are food stalls and the sale of summer soft drinks so that you can eat and drink there.
If you would like to get to the Aptekarsky Park using Google Maps, click here.



Yekaterininskiy Park
Ekaterininsky Park

This garden is one of the quiet Moscow gardens, which is located close to the Red Army Theater and has a pond in the middle of the garden to enjoy a picnic in one of the boats with your friends or family. There is also a small pond full of ducks and you can pet them or feed them if you want to feed the ducks..

You will not need to go outside the park to bring food. You can eat light meals in the garden cafe while enjoying a wonderful summer ice cream tasting or having a juice and sitting in the cafe. If you are a sports lover, here are the tennis, badminton and football courts, as well as children’s playgrounds, dance halls and parties.

If you want to get to Ekaterininsky Park via Google Maps, click here.



Troparevsky Park

The activities of the summer garden are characterized by swimming in the small, warm beach of the garden, and sunbathing near a lake in the heart of the garden. To take pictures with characteristic cartoon characters from Russian stories, you will find that Troparevsky Park is the best place for your family and children.

Troparevsky Park is one of the huge Moscow parks suitable for those who prefer hiking without getting bored. People called it the forest park because it was similar to the forest and the trees spread out in abundance, but it was developed until it became better to be called the park.

If you want to get to Troparevsky Park using Google Maps, click here.


Do not miss visiting Moscow gardens

Visiting the Moscow gardens is the great opportunity, as the picturesque Moscow gardens are full of landscapes, which you must visit and spend time wandering among the flowers or enjoy playing light games and take a short boat ride to get a clear mind amid that wonderful nature and have taken a period of relaxation after visiting Moscow Full of distinctive landmarks from the wonderful beaches of Moscow and the dining experience in one of Moscow’s distinguished restaurants that gives you the most delicious diverse meals, and so you find that the experience of tourism in Russia is a wonderful experience,

most famous Moscow gardens preferred by the city’s residents

most famous Moscow gardens preferred by the city’s residents



Nescucini Park

Neskuchini Park is one of the wonderful gardens and one of the most famous Moscow gardens preferred by the city’s residents, where the charming nature and the many green spaces that cover all the corners and paths of the garden, where there are different types of flowers, trees and distinctive fountains.

You find the garden is the perfect place to hide from the summer heat, as there are many wonderful trees that you can sit under quietly and feel the beautiful humidity. You also find more cute squirrels while you are wandering in the garden, which you can feed them with some nuts or grains. The garden also contains distinctive historical features that love You have to see it like the Hunting Lodge (Ltrobetskoy), Palace (Alexandrinsky), Western Bridges, Summer Grotto (Count Orlov) and the rotunda commemorating 800 of Stalin’s Moscow era.
If you want to get to Nescuccini Park by Google Maps, click here.



Izmailovsky Park

Izmailovsky Park is one of the largest parks in Moscow, and it is divided into two parts: one is a recreational part and another is a forest of trees.

You will find dozens of activities that can be practiced in Izmailovsky Park, where you can ice skate in the winter and in the summer, you will find a lot of playgrounds equipped for you. You can play volleyball, basketball, badminon, football and many other games that you must try Shooting game and winning a boat picnic, and don’t forget to visit the Courage Arena, which characterizes this park and contains several military equipment.
If you want to get to Izmailovsky Park by Google Maps, click here.

Hermitage Garden

Concerts and weekly events await you, as well as art shows, food festivals and handicrafts. All this, you can attend the Hermitage Park, one of Moscow’s famous gardens, amidst the scenery and delightful flowers. Light and attending a movie in the summer cinema.


Your children will find a place for them to play and enjoy their favorite activities and spend a wonderful time playing so that they feel that this place is a great fun for them, and that is why many of its fans describe it as a very beautiful garden with stunning views and many attractions for tourists.
If you want to reach the Hermitage Park through Google Maps

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is important among Washington

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is important among Washington



US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Holocaust Museum

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is important among Washington

museums, as it aims to encourage leaders and all people to confront hatred between peoples and each other and instill a sense of moral responsibility by recalling the Holocaust in the days of the Nazi era during World War II by publishing many documented information about the genocide and the media in This museum.

The museum receives millions of visitors every year, including heads of state and VIPs, as well as regular study trips for school students who come to see part of the holdings of Jews during that period such as letters, photographs, necklaces and much more inside the museum.



If you want to access the US Holocaust Memorial Museum using Google Maps, click here.

National of African American Museum
African National Museum

The African Museum is one of the important museums in the middle of the Washington museums, as it tells you about the history of the entry of African immigrants to America, how their first life was and what they experienced at the beginning of their lives in America, where there are many paintings that illustrate racial segregation and the loss of rights, so we advise you to visit it to know close information about these Era of time in American history.

The museum houses more than 40,000 artifacts, as well as periodic exhibitions that explain and simplify the historical and cultural information provided by the museum and explain to Americans and tourists what it means to be American and how the life of Americans, especially those of African descent, has evolved.



If you want to access the African National Museum via Google Maps, click here.

Renwick Gallery
Renwick Museum

It is one of the wonderful art museums that gives you a good opportunity to learn about modern arts, even if you do not have experience or knowledge of the arts. It contains decorative glass and ceramics.

This museum is visited by many contemporary artists and art aficionados for modern artwork and innovative artwork that leaves you dazzled by the beauty of the artwork and the information next to each work helps you to know the work and how to read the work from an artistic point of view.



If you would like to get to the Renwick Museum using Google Maps, click here.

National Museum of American History

Here you have arrived at the most important museum among Washington’s museums, where it reveals secrets and information you may know for the first time about the history of America supported by pictures and videos that help you know and understand ancient events as well as the history of equipment such as trains and ships and this is on the first floor and many things that you will be happy to know and to be more attracted, Admission to this museum is free.

Millions of visitors come to it every year and are happy to visit it a lot because of the information and treasures it has not been shown before, and they take this opportunity to take memorial photos next to the exhibits that express history as if you went back in time.

If you want to access the American History Museum using Google Maps, click here.



International Spy Museum International Spy
International Espionage Museum

One of the interesting museums that we advise you to visit among the Washington museums, as it introduces you to the world of adventures and intelligence around the world and introduces you to the ancient spy pieces they used in the past, as well as more than 600 artifacts.


The tourism trip in America is the big dream of millions of people

The tourism trip in America is the big dream of millions of people



because America contains a great civilization that dazzles the eyes of everyone who sees it or hears new news about this civilization. Therefore, millions travel every year to America, especially Washington, DC, to see and enjoy the civilization of America, and of course, the first thing that initiates To your mind is to know the origins and history of that civilization, so we advise you to visit the Washington Museums to learn part of the history and secrets of the country, as well as the movement of arts and culture in which the country lived in ancient and modern times.

Washington’s best museums


When you want to learn about the history, civilization and customs of any country, museums will be the most important and best way to get to know that because of the treasures and secrets they contain that you will only find in museums.
Smithsonian Museum

This museum is one of the best science museums in Washington, especially natural history. This museum contains 125 million specimens of plants in the world. It also contains a collection of rocks, meteorites and cultural relics of the country. It also has many of the most popular artifacts and many natural attractions.


This museum was established in 1910 and the design of this building is of great style, and this museum includes many reference collections such as the national grass, and upon entering the museum you will find sections such as the Dinosaur Hall, the Geology and Minerals Hall, the Mammals Hall and other sections that impress everyone, especially children, and of course Scholars who have studied scientific and cultural history around the world.

If you’d like to get to the Smithsonian’s using Google Maps, click here.



National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art Museum

When you visit the National Mall, you will need a lot of time to visit the National Gallery Museum and its attached sculpture garden inside the park, and so you will find that you are in the place preferred by art enthusiasts because of its excitement and distinction, and you cannot be in Washington without visiting this place.

Tourism in Alanya, Turkey, has a special charm

Tourism in Alanya, Turkey, has a special charm


It offers the tourist a unique blend of relaxation, exploration of history and adventure. It is also characterized by its sandy beaches on the ocean coast, and its mountains and forests, ideal for adventure lovers. It also gives you an opportunity to explore the famous tourist attractions in the Mediterranean region.

This is in addition to providing daily flights to the wonderful Turkish city of Antalya. All of the above made Alanya one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey. Here in this article is the most important information before traveling to Alanya, and recommendations for the best activities and tourist places that you can visit, as well as the best hotels to stay…



The best hotels in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya provides you with a wide range of hotels and resorts, which are distinguished by their luxury and distinctive locations close to the city’s most popular landmarks. It also provides all the services that guests are looking for during their vacation… Read more about the best Turkish hotels in Alanya.

Best time to travel to Alanya, Turkey
The best time for travel and tourism in Alanya, Turkey, is between “February to June”. This is where the ideal climate for tourism, which makes it easy for you to explore the city, and carry out various tourist and recreational activities.



The period from “October to December” is also ideal for tourism in Alanya, especially for lovers of winter weather. This is where the cold weather and the possibility of practicing exciting winter sports such as snowboarding and others.

The ideal period for tourism in Alanya, Turkey
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Alanya, Turkey, is approximately three days. During which you can explore the city’s distinctive attractions, relax on its beautiful beaches, walk around to discover caves, ride a cable car and head out of the city for a day cruise on the Turkish turquoise coast.

You can also visit ancient Roman ruins, and attend famous musical performances. You can also go to the local bazaar and wander among the stalls looking for souvenirs.



Where is Alanya located in Turkey?

Alanya is located in southwestern Turkey, in the state of Antalya on the Mediterranean Sea. It is below the Taurus Mountains. Alanya is 133.0 km away from Antalya Province, and about 8000.2 km away from the Turkish capital Istanbul.