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Riviera Mall Riviera Mall is a newly built mall in Moscow

Riviera Mall Riviera Mall is a newly built mall in Moscow

Riviera Mall Riviera Mall is a newly built mall in Moscow
Riviera Mall


The Riviera Mall is one of the newly established malls in Moscow. It is characterized by its large size and variety of shops inside, as well as the beautiful and luxurious design of it from the outside and



from the inside, as if you were in a beautiful painting that was drawn by the hands of the most skilled painters in order to attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

And because the Riviera Mall is distinguished in the middle of the Moscow malls, which affected the stores inside by displaying only distinctive products that you will only see in the Riviera Mall, and you can buy the best gifts and exclusive and modern products that fit the latest fashion trends from this mall.


Oceania Mall

The Oceania Mall is characterized as one of Moscow’s malls arranged geometrically, where the shops are distributed in a clear and tidy manner, as well as the longitudinal design that made visitors feel psychologically comfortable when they wander between the mall’s stores that belong to international agencies like the rest of the malls, as well as the presence of a wonderful entertainment area that makes young and old accept it , this is what made many visitors and tourists go to it to spend the best times and prefer it in the ratings over the many countless Moscow malls.



Crocus City Mall Crocus
Crocs Mall

In one of the western suburbs of Moscow, Crocs Mall is located, with classic architecture and oriental style, while the interior design is a tropical garden that contains a lot of stores, as if it is a paradise for fashion lovers, for all the products that visitors need, so it is a good opportunity for you to see this paradise and enjoy this beautiful atmosphere and wander Between piano and tropical fountains.



The branches of international agencies inside the mall attract all ages to see the products (Calvin Klein, Santoni) and other famous brands, as well as the entertainment area of ​​the most important attractions because of its restaurants for European and Asian cuisines to impress all visitors.

Outlet Village Belaya Dache
Outlet Mall

On the outskirts of Moscow is the Outlet Mall, which has a unique design that suits its specialty, and they are international retailers, so many visitors and tourists who are interested in these products of international agencies come to it.

There is a very large number of world-famous stores reaching one hundred and seventy stores, all of which offer their products to the same distinction and specialty of the mall, as well as there is a playground for children who can play football in it, in addition to that, many restaurants and cafes that provide visitors with delicious food and drinks, which provide them with the necessary comfort after Roaming a lot in this mall.

Horocho Mall

Horocho Mall stands at the end of the list of the best Moscow malls in terms of the impressive design of the building from the outside, which resembles piano fingers and the design from the inside for five floors, as well as the various stores of famous international agencies with the presence of the supermarket that contains all the grocery products that visitors need, and for this it reaps a lot of Good reviews are preferred by most of the nearby Muscovites as well as tourists from all countries.



Do not miss visiting the malls of Moscow

Your visit to the charming Moscow malls that attract tourists in Europe is the great opportunity to see the masterpieces of classic and modern architecture of the buildings from the outside, as well as the interior decorations as if they were beautiful paintings, including those who make the interior design like a tropical garden. All the malls, which are one of the branches of international agencies, among which visitors like to wander around to see the latest fashion and the latest collections of all products with the presence of gift places and do not forget the entertainment area in each mall, which is loved by adults and children, as it includes international restaurants and cafes that serve everyone, including that, and cinemas Spread in every mall, the malls open daily from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, teeming with visitors from citizens and tourists.