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Russia is the first country to create entertainment venues

Russia is the first country to create entertainment venues

Russia is the first country to create entertainment venues

The first circus was established in Moscow, as well as ballet and opera, so Moscow theme parks testify that Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in terms of



entertainment. Thus, tourism in Moscow can only be completed by spending some time and doing some activities in places of entertainment such as Moscow malls and other entertainment places.

Moscow’s best amusement park
The amusement parks attract young and old to practice recreational activities and spend the most enjoyable times in a beautiful and wonderful atmosphere amid all the possibilities and services that are designed to entertain everyone who goes to them.


Izmailover amusement park

Here is a charming place that combines all the attractions for all ages. There is a lake, garden and amusement park in one place. It awaits you every day from eleven in the morning to find the right place to practice recreational activities for you and your family, so everyone prefers it and garners the highest ratings among all the many Moscow amusement parks.


You can practice the activity of cycling, tanks, or riding small boats among the ducks in the lake, and so it is a paradise for visitors in the summer, and children can play in the simple amusement parks such as the carousel or the village train and the flying elephant, and in the winter the place turns into an ice skating arena for you to enjoy In the place, whether in the summer or winter.

Moron amusement park

There is no doubt that water parks have their fans, but many prefer them, especially in the summer, and this is what distinguishes Moron amusement parks among Moscow’s amusement parks.



Moraine Water Park has been divided into sections suitable for children only and sections suitable for adults due to the difference in the size of the swimming pool and the depth of the water, as well as the slides and games inside the water that provoke a great activity in you to try all the games there.

Family Park SKAZKA
Family amusement park Skazka

Family Skazka amusement park is one of the best places of entertainment in Moscow, as you will discover as soon as you enter that you would have lost a lot if you had not visited these amusement parks because of its attractive games for children and adults such as the ferris wheel, rope park, mini trains and other wonderful games.


Add to this the electric games that consist of multiple levels or you can see Moscow from above when riding the Ferris wheel and you can take your family or friends to enjoy one of Moscow’s famous and excellent amusement parks.