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The best tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

The best tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

The best tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

Find out below the most important and most beautiful 7 tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan that we advise you to visit. As well as a set of the most important tips and guidelines that can help you before your trip:

Tourism in Bishkek

Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is its largest city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city of Bishkek allows you to enjoy many interesting tourist activities, one of the most important of which is to explore the wonderful nomadic, modern and Soviet influences. Besides taking a city tour, walking the green alleys, relaxing in the national parks, watching the snowy peaks and hiking the waterfall path.

As well as visiting prominent historical sites such as the Burana Tower, and the State Historical Museum. You can also attend many wonderful events and festivals, stroll around glaciers, and beautiful lakes. And don’t miss out on delicious traditional and international cuisine at the city’s restaurants. Finally, shop from the bazaars and buy the most beautiful souvenirs.



Tourism in the village of Burana
burana kyrgyzstan

Burana Village is one of the most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan, which enjoys great popularity. It dates back to the eleventh century, and it was one of the flourishing cities on the ancient Silk Road, and it was called “Balasagon”.

Burana Village offers its visitors many opportunities and enjoyable experiences, perhaps the most important of which is to explore the city’s tower, one of the prominent landmarks that is more than 20 meters high, and enjoy climbing on it to offer the best amazing panoramic views from the top of the entire city. This is in addition to seeing some of the ancient stone carvings known as “balls”, visiting the small museum, and many more.



Tourism in Osh
Osh kyrgyzstan

Osh is located in the heart of the fertile Fergana Valley, and is one of the oldest cities in Kyrgyzstan. It is the second largest city in the country, and it is a city rich in tourist attractions that offers the best tourist holidays ever.

The most important recreational activities that you can do in the city of Osh, is to enjoy visiting the holy site “Mount Solomon”, which was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Preservation. It is said that the throne of Solomon was once located on this mountain, and some legends say that he was buried there.

As well as visiting the mosque of Babur, “the founder of the Mughal Empire” and the history of the mosque dates back to the sixteenth century, in addition to the towering mountains with snowy peaks, turquoise lakes, and the charming Ferris wheel. You can also watch women sliding on stones, believing that this practice will increase their chances of conceiving healthy children. This is an example of ancient Silk Road traditions.



Tourism in Karakol

The city of Karakol is the administrative center of the Isk Kul region, one of the most important tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan, the fourth largest and most visited city in the country. The opportunities to enjoy a variety of sports and leisure activities are also increased, including day trips to the lake or to the nearby mountains.

You can also go hiking, horseback riding in the forests, climbing high mountains, snowboarding and much more. You can also visit unique historical sites, such as the Karakol Historical Museum, the Karakol Orthodox Church, and Dungan Mosque, one of the city’s most important historical attractions.



Tourism in Tokmok

The city of Tokmok is located at an altitude of 816 meters above sea level, and is one of the most important and famous major cities in Kyrgyzstan, and is the fifth largest city, and is located in the north of the country.

The city of Tokmok offers many unique recreational activities, the most important of which is enjoying the views of the fantastic views of the city from above. As well as relaxing in the Cheon Kemin National Park, which has vast green areas.

You can also enjoy long walks in the paths, and horse and bike rides, among others. In addition to taking cruises on the magnificent Kol Tor Lake, and touring the banks of the Bukhara. You can also visit the religious site “Tokmok Mosque”, and many other tourist attractions.



Tourism in Jalalabad

Jalalabad is the third largest city in the Kyrgyz Republic, and it is one of the quiet and beautiful tourist destinations. The recreational activities in the city of Jalalabad vary, as it offers visitors the possibility to enjoy many unique adventures, the most important of which are horse riding tours, as well as off-road tours, off-road vehicles, and four-wheel drive vehicles.

You can also visit museums, art and historical galleries, wonderful statues, and go to religious sites and monuments. As well as hiking tours, to explore the city’s natural attractions, and go to the city’s famous health spas. And don’t forget the delicious food tours in fine and local restaurants, and visit the distinctive shops and bazaars to buy souvenirs.





Tourism in Kara Balta

The city of Kara Balta is located on the banks of the Chu River in the Chui District of the Kyrgyz Republic. The city is located 62 kilometers west of Bishkek on the northern slopes of Kyrgyzstan Ala To. It enjoys a mild climate that attracts tourists from different parts of the country, especially in the summer.

One of the main leisure activities in Kara Balta is shopping mainly for local antiquities such as carpets, woolen items, and leather goods. As well as trekking in the wonderful mountain range of Kyrgyzstan Ala-To, hiking in the off-road and doing exciting mountain adventures. You can also explore the mining sites for which the city is famous. Do not miss visiting it during tourism in Kyrgyzstan.



Tips before traveling

to Kyrgyzstan
Before traveling to Kyrgyzstan, learn about some important tips and guidelines, which will help you spend the perfect vacation:

Do not miss the food experience in Kyrgyzstan
It is a mixture of Russian, Bedouin and Central Asian foods that are distinguished by their delicious taste. So make sure to try the most famous traditional dishes, as it is a unique experience.

Try spending two nights in nomadic tents in Kyrgyzstan.
Bedouin tents are one of the most important aspects of culture in the Kyrgyz Republic, and a famous sign of their exciting nomadic heritage. Camping is the most convenient way to sleep in Kyrgyzstan, and one of the great experiences that you cannot miss during your vacation.

Don’t miss the horse riding experience
Kyrgyzstan is the best place in the world for horse riding, and it is an integral part of Kyrgyz culture. So don’t miss out on this fun experience while on vacation.

Try therapeutic swimming
Kyrgyzstan has many therapeutic resorts and hot springs, where you can take a bath to relax after a long day of wandering, as well as swim in its many lakes.

Watch and experience exciting nomadic games in Kyrgyzstan.
Nomadic games are common in Kyrgyzstan on many occasions, celebrations and events dedicated to it. Especially in the summer. She enjoys exotics such as wrestling while riding a horse, and so on. Do not miss its experience during tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

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