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Lake Prokoško is a “hidden paradise” waiting to be discovered

Lake Prokoško…a hidden paradise in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina



Lake Prokochko
Lake Prokoško, the most beautiful Bosnian lake ever and indescribable beauty
Lake Prokoško is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bosnia. Bosnia is distinguished by its many lakes that exceed more than a hundred lakes, which gives it attractive tourist features. These lakes are surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and wonderful mountains that give the visitor a sense of comfort and pleasure for lovers of mountain climbing and adventures.



Let us take you with us on a tour to get acquainted with one of those lakes, which is Lake Prokoško, the most beautiful lake in Bosnia and the true gem of nature.


Where is Prokushko Lake located?
Lake Prokocho is located on Vranica mountain in the municipality of Vojnica, one of Bosnia’s most famous mountains, rich in meadows and dense vegetation, and this glacial lake is one of the most attractive sources of tourists in Bosnia because of its proximity to the tourist city of Vojnica, which is located 20 km from it.

The lake extends about 426 meters and 191 meters in width, where mineral water pools are suitable for physical therapy. The lake rises about 1636 meters above sea level, and its depth reaches 13 meters. It appears to the visitor as a picturesque painting, especially the wooden huts, which add to its beauty.

History of Lake Prokushko
The discovery of the Bosnian lake “Prokocho” dates back to twenty years ago during the Serbian war on Bosnia. It contains nearly 150 houses, most of which were built illegally. It is about 60 kilometers away from Sarajevo.

Lake Prokoško is one of the most beautiful natural places in Bosnia

It is a favorite destination for tourists, as the number of tourists coming to it reaches 20,000 each year to enjoy the attractive crystal waters of the lake, as well as the simplicity and tranquility of the lake, and the huts dedicated to hosting tourists and offering delicious Bosnian cuisine. Adventure lovers and mountain biking.

It is also characterized by its waterfalls and fresh water streams in which the “Triton” lives, which is an endemic amphibious salamander, and the tourist season continues from mid-spring to mid-autumn, but it is difficult to reach in the winter when it is covered with snow, and there are also some tourist attractions such as the monument in the lake. Memorial for the victims of the plane that crashed due to bad weather.

Discover Lake Prokochko
Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, hot in the summer and cold in the winter, which showed many natural features in it, most notably lakes such as Lake Prokoško, located in the town of Vojnica, with a population of 20 thousand people, and they do not hesitate to visit it on various occasions due to its intrusion into the soul Pleasure and joy, and in the following we will mention a number of information about them:

The height of the lake is 1635 m above sea level, and it stretches 426 m in length, 191 m in width, and reaches a depth of 13 m.
The locals call this lake the home of peace; This is because life is very natural and spontaneous on its banks, and this can be seen through animals such as cows and livestock that graze next to tourists and residents without fear, in addition to wild domestic horses.
The lake’s water freezes in the winter, which makes it a destination for residents to ski on its surface, and it is also surrounded by a number of old wooden huts specially prepared to receive tourists.
Tourists can notice the crystal blue waters in the summer when the snow melts, and the residents take care of it and don’t throw dirt and dirt in it, and they enjoy cycling and breathing in the cool breezes and fresh air.
The lake attracts tourists on summer and winter nights to enjoy watching the stars and constellations, especially since it is an area far from bright cities, noise and disturbance, and they also enjoy drinking a cup of coffee from the cafes on its banks.
The city of Bugueno is one of the cities near the lake, and is characterized by a large number of mountainous heights, which makes tourists practice mountain climbing in temperate times.


Discover Lake Prokochko
Inhabitants of Lake Prokochko
The inhabitants of the lake are characterized by simplicity in living because they depend on natural food that gives them a healthy life, as they live on the cows and sheep that they raise and the livestock around the lake.

At dusk, the people of the lake make a sound to collect the cows in their designated places, as well as the small huts scattered over the mountains in which they live on warm beds. The residents of the lake leave it in the winter because of the snow that covers their homes and then return to it after the end of the snow season.

Cities nearby Prokushko Lake
Lake Prokoško is adjacent to some tourist cities that give the lake more advantages, the most famous of which is the “Bogoino city”, which takes about 25 minutes to reach, a city loved by everyone who loves mountaineering, and among those mountains is Mount Jazek, which is one of the most famous and prominent mountains in the region .

Things to do in Lake Prokushko
Millions of expatriate residents go to the lake annually in order to enjoy a range of activities, most notably the following:

Breathing the fresh air of nature: By sitting in the area around the lake, the tourist can inhale the fresh air generated by the water currents that originate within it.
Follow the Cycling Trail: Tour companies and youth groups organize cycling trails to enjoy exploring the flora and fauna around the place inside the mountain on which the lake is located.
Mountain climbing: One of the ways that tourists follow in order to reach the lake is by climbing

The mountain leading to it through a set of tools that are constantly available in that area.
Living in a simple way: Most of the simple houses represented by wooden huts do not have any source of electrical energy, and their residents follow a simple way of living in their lives, and they constantly receive newcomers to the area in order to live with them and inside the huts designated to receive them, so that the tourists, by staying in them, enjoy the beauty of nature and the tranquility of simple life Which directly helps him to relax his nerves and sends himself a sense of psychological comfort.
Eating traditional food: The residents of the huts constantly offer tourists a group of Bosnian folk dishes prepared in a simple way with special food prepared from a group of wild fruits and plants.